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Principal National Life Joins the Indexed Universal Life Market

Principal National Life has released its product for the indexed universal life market. Indexed Universal Life FlexSM is the name of the product and it carries some interesting features including an S&P 500 Total Return indexing fund (i.e. taking dividend reinvestments into account, this is a first for the indexing world). We’ve only taken a […]


Shopping for Term? Heard of Savings Bank Life of Massachusetts (SBLI)?

Located in one of the beltway-ish suburbs of Boston, The Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts or SBLI as it’s more commonly known is a somewhat unique little insurance company with a reputation for two main accomplishments: 1.  Having one of the highest 20 year internal rates of returns on its participating whole life […]


Guardian Life Insurance Company of America 10 Pay Whole Life

In the world of promoting cash value life insurance as an asset class, few companies are championing the cause more concertedly than the Guardian Life Insurance Company of America.  America’s 4th largest mutual life insurer, and definite fan of permanent life insurance, has dedicated a bunch of company resources to spreading the word about how life […]


The Whole Life You Keep? New York Life

If you stroll down Madison Ave on the lower-ish Midtown Manhattan side you’ll come to 51 Madison Ave, the gold-crowned home office of one of the largest and oldest United States Life Insurers, New York Life.  And if you called upon that company to discuss your life insurance needs, you’d no doubt get an ear […]


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