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Infinite Banking Lies About Whole Life and Universal Life Insurance

For years, proponents of infinite banking have highlighted a certain benefit behind cash value life insurance. The specific benefit has been more closely associated with whole life insurance, and those directly connected with “The Infinite Banking Concept®” have towed a hard line for whole life insurance over universal life insurance. Last summer, a newsletter released […]


Allan vs. Pam: Bank on Yourself

Spring is here, time to enjoy warmer days (if you’re with me in the Northeast), blooming flours, and a fight between a so called financial educator who hustles a selling system to insurance agents known as Bank on Yourself and a fee based financial planner who is pretending to be a consumer/journalist.  Here’s the story. […]


Buy Term and Invest the Difference?

You didn’t think we’d pass on a chance to tackle this mammoth of the financial planning world did you?  A hotly debated notion for years and years pioneered by a guy who started a company to hawk term insurance under a simplistic mantra that appealed to the common folk that was later picked up by […]


What About My Good Credit?

Every once in a little while this question comes up and recently I had someone ask me about this and decided it was a good topic to address.  We know that when a policy loan is taken, there is interest charged on that loan that is collected by the insurance company.  Now, since whole life […]


Here’s the Best Part, You Can Spend It!

Here’s something we should address right off the bat that I think a lot of people in the BOY et. al. crowd tend to forget to mention: YOU CAN SPEND YOUR MONEY!  So, if today I’m serving you dinner in the form of financial security, we’re going to start first with dessert.  And if it weren’t for […]



So the biggest question I get all the time is why?  Why do I need to change the savings/retirement plan that I have currently (and for many the answer is, because doing something…anything is an improvement over what you are doing, now)?  Why should I look at life insurance as a savings vehicle?  How does […]


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