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Top Indexed Universal Life Insurance Carriers for Cash Accumulation 2014 Edition

We all know indexed universal life insurance has taken its place at the top of the leader-board as the dominate form of universal life insurance when cash accumulation is a primary consideration. It’s also the #1 growing type of life insurance in the United States and has held this title for several years. There’s a […]


Top Whole Life Insurance Carriers for Cash Accumulation 2014 Edition

When considering the best whole life insurance for retirement savings or any other derivative dealing with cash balance focus (e.g. Bank on Yourself®/Infinite Banking®, collateral assignments, retirement income, etc.) it’s vital to pick a product and a carrier that can best accommodate this goal. Whole life insurance can be an excellent choice for accumulating cash […]


Indexed Universal Life Insurance Company Asset Yield Comparison

Oops!! Not sure what happened with our other post today…but hopefully it works this time.  Thanks for your patience. As a form of cash value life insurance that can be manipulated for asset building purposes indexed universal life insurance has many coveted features. But just like we noted in the whole life insurance company asset yield comparison it’s wise […]


10 Pay Whole Life Round Up: Who is the Best?

10 pay whole life insurance is a straight forward product. An insured/policy holder makes 10 payments to the contract and after that the policy is guaranteed paid up forever and always. Not surprisingly a given level of death benefit for a 10 pay whole life product will have a considerably higher required premium than a […]


Comparing Permanent Life Insurance Policies: The Linton Yield Method

There are numerous ways to compare cash value life insurance policies. Some of them are pretty well recognized though of relatively little use like the Net Cost Surrender Index. Others are known within the circles of more advanced practitioners but sparsely discussed because of their complexity both from a conceptual and applicable point of view. […]


Indexed Universal Life Insurance Income Variation Analysis

Indexed universal life insurance is another strong contender to whole life insurance for the purpose of accumulating wealth and generating retirement income through life insurance. If you need a primer on how indexing works, you can find that here. To explain the concept in 25 words or less, we’ll simply say that it’s a product […]


How do Varying Whole Life Dividends Affect Income?

We’ve discussed whole life dividends a good bit at the insurance pro blog. We’ve also compared a lot of other insurance company stats in the past, and will continue to do so in the future. One such comparison is the effect a changing dividend has on projected income. This is important because it helps us […]


Paid up Additions Load Round Up

We love paid up additions. That has never been much of a mystery around the Insurance Pro Blog. And we get a lot of questions about paid-up additions. The one questions that by far sticks out the most involves the variation in loads among various carriers. So in the interest of making this somewhat more […]


Top Whole Life Insurance Companies for Building Cash Value

It’s no big secret that we think whole life insurance is pretty awesome. Hopefully, most of you realized we were just being cheeky on our podcast last week when we declared that it sucked (though we don’t think it’s the answer to all the world’s problems). We often receive questions regarding which company has the […]


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