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2015 Whole Life Insurance Dividend Analysis

In 2013 we released the industry’s first public analysis on variation in dividends for major participating whole life insurance products. This analysis focuses on variation and trend of declared dividend interest rate at the seven most competitive life insurers who issue participating whole life and will publicly announce/disclose their dividend interest rate (more on this point […]


Five Year Asset Growth Indexed Universal Life Companies

Insurance company asset growth is a measure of overall company success in accumulating assets. It’s a metric that certainly indicates positivity when the trend is upwards, but there are a few nuances that we have to keep in mind before ambitiously declaring a winner. Insurers can accumulate assets either through the new business process (i.e. […]


Best Performing 10 Pay Whole Life Products for Death Benefit: 2015 Edition

Last week we revealed results of our 10 pay whole life comparison for cash surrender value and this week we have the results comparing the death benefits of various 10 pay whole life products. The comparison uses data collected from the same policy proposals used in the cash value comparison. Male and female ages 45 […]


Best Performing 10 Pay Whole Life Products for Cash Value: 2015 Edition

We’ve gathered information on the best performing 10 pay whole life products for 2015 looking at cash value rate of return. As a quick review


Historical Whole Life Insurance Dividend Changes: 2015 Edition

Whole life insurance dividend changes often happen once per year and we generally get excited near the end of the year when most companies announce these changes. We’ve been tracking and announcing changes when they become available for the past several years and will continue to do so in the future. The anticipation for the […]


Five Year Indexed Universal Life Insurance Company Investment Return Trend: 2014 Edition

Indexed universal life insurance investment return on assets is an indicator we use to measure how well an insurer can maintain returns on its cash value products. Just like the whole life insurance investment return trend we published earlier this month, the same general principal applies (i.e. a higher return on assets held at the insurance […]


Top Indexed Universal Life Insurance Carriers for Cash Accumulation 2014 Edition

We all know indexed universal life insurance has taken its place at the top of the leader-board as the dominate form of universal life insurance when cash accumulation is a primary consideration. It’s also the #1 growing type of life insurance in the United States and has held this title for several years. There’s a […]


Top Whole Life Insurance Carriers for Cash Accumulation 2014 Edition

When considering the best whole life insurance for retirement savings or any other derivative dealing with cash balance focus (e.g. Bank on Yourself®/Infinite Banking®, collateral assignments, retirement income, etc.) it’s vital to pick a product and a carrier that can best accommodate this goal. Whole life insurance can be an excellent choice for accumulating cash […]


Indexed Universal Life Insurance Company Asset Yield Comparison

Oops!! Not sure what happened with our other post today…but hopefully it works this time.  Thanks for your patience. As a form of cash value life insurance that can be manipulated for asset building purposes indexed universal life insurance has many coveted features. But just like we noted in the whole life insurance company asset yield comparison it’s wise […]

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