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10 Things Life Insurance Agents Won’t Say: #4 Variable Annuities are Just Expensive Mutual Funds

Next up on the Market Watch exposé is a discussion about variable annuities, their expenses, complexity, and lack of any uniqueness compared to other investments options—or at least that’s what someone would like you to believe.


Ten Things Life Insurance Agents won’t Say: #3 Your Child doesn’t Need Life Insurance

Life insurance for children is a topic I’ve discussed in the past, a few times. And while I mostly agree that a lot of agents (and consumers) often get things backwards in terms of what, how, and even if this should be done.  Categorically declaring against it is neither helpful nor heroic. This is the […]


Ten Things Life Insurance Agents won’t Say: #2 We’d Rather Sell you Investments

Moving right along on our critique of Market Watch’s failed attempt at a slam piece against insurance agents from a few months ago, today we take on item #9. Apparently insurance agents find insurance dreadfully boring. So boring in fact, that they’d much rather talk to you about “investments.” And, much to their delight, federal […]


Ten Things Life Insurance Agents won’t say: #1 you have too much Life Insurance?

Back in July, market watch published a list of 10 Things Life Insurance Agents won’t say, which is an on going theme for the articles author, Daniel Goldstein. The piece attempts to be provocative and cast doubt on the life insurance industry within the eyes of the consumer. This allusion is not a new one. […]


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