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Life Insurance Company Ratings a Marketing Game?

Don’t fall for the marketing hype of a life insurance company being great because their ratings are “Superior”.  In the grand scheme of things, this really isn’t the most important aspect of what you should consider when purchasing of a life insurance contract.  Not that it should be completely discounted, but I wouldn’t make it […]


Northwestern Mutual Wants You to Play Nine Holes?

Why is that life insurance companies seem too ashamed to just tell people the truth?  Do they honestly think that launching a new marketing campaign filled with platitudes will accomplish anything? I’m completely frustrated with how our industry seems to assume that people are stupid.


Ohio National Life Term: You Had No Idea a Mutual Could Write Term this Cheap…Did You?

Ohio National Life, the 100 some odd year old life insurance company from Cincinnati known for having a good…well…almost everything. Most of the time, we can segment companies by being rockstars with certain products.  For example, we know Berkshire Life and the Standard for their industry leading and extremely benefit rich disability insurance contracts. We regard […]


Cheap Term Insurance? Should we Talk about Banner Life Insurance?

If you were to spread sheet quotes from life insurance companies (or have your agent do it) near the top of the list for low price premiums would likely fall a tiny insurance company owned by a massively huge British multi-national, and this tiny life insurer is typically well known for its competitive term rates; […]


Prudential Life Insurance-the rock of Newark?

Today we begin our foray into dissecting all of the different life insurance companies that are available in the market today.  Perhaps more importantly we will review their specific policies and the nuances that lurk within. The first company we’re going to look at is Prudential life insurance and more specifically we’re going to dig […]


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