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IPB 051: Who Should and Shouldn’t Buy Whole Life Insurance?

  One question that we seem to get repeatedly is, “Should I put all of my emergency fund into a whole life policy?” The first few times we got this question we figured maybe it was just coincidence? But, after having been around ye olde interwebs for over five years now, and talking to over […]


IPB 050: Dividend Season 2016

  It’s that time of year again…time for companies that offer participating whole life insurance policies to make their dividend announcements for the coming year. (And yes, we realize these are technically the 2017 dividend announcements but since they’re made in 2016 we refer to it as the 2016 season.) So far, we’ve heard from […]


IPB 049: Why 10 Pay Whole Life Is Not So Great

  We are often asked about 10 Pay Whole life policies as a strategy to accumulate cash value at a more rapid rate. So, today were getting into why this might not be the best idea. As a quick review a true 10 Pay Whole Life Insurance requires just 10 premium payments.  After those 10 […]


IPB 048: When a Modified Endowment Contract Makes Sense

  Most people think that creating a Modified Endowment Contract (MEC) is a bad thing. We discussed that at some length in last week’s episode. That’s mainly because the tax advantages of using life insurance are pretty widely known and discussed my agents…ourselves included. So, why in the world would anyone want to intentionally make […]


IPB 047: The Modified Endowment Contract

    Note: The podcast is fresh and new but the written post below is a re-post of information that Brandon wrote a few years back on modified endowment contracts: Anyone who has looked into cash value life insurance has probably come across the term Modified Endowment Contract (MEC). Those with flexible premium policies may […]


IPB 046: Life Insurance Has Never Caused a Financial Meltdown

  In light of the recent developments with Wells Fargo opening accounts for people without consent and their CEO, John Stumpf, being skewered by Senator Elizabeth Warren… We decided it would be a great day to point out how many times a life insurance company CEO has been trotted out to testify in front of Senate or […]


IPB 045: Can We Just Leave Dave Ramsey Alone?

  We’re drawing a line in the sand here. It’s time for insurance agents to get over Dave Ramsey. He has his crowd, his fans, his followers or whatever you want to call them. And that’s okay…get over it. Seriously. How many articles can you write about one guy who hasn’t really said anything different […]


IPB 044: It’s All About the Taxes

  In exploring what we should talk about in episode 44, we realized that we’ve somehow gone almost an entire year without dedicating an episode to a discussion of taxes in relation to life insurance. Oops! Sometimes we get caught up in focusing on finer points and miss the big picture. But we are correcting […]


IPB 043: The Indexed Universal Life Safety Review

With the current wave of companies lowering the caps on indexed universal life contracts, we thought it would be good idea to share our thoughts on that today. Honestly, we’ve been “low balling” expectations on IUL contracts since we started offering them to our clients five’ish years ago. And that was back when some policies […]


IPB 042: The Really Important Life Insurance Metrics

  Well the summer’s over. Which obviously means that we’re not allowed to have anymore fun…right? You’d certainly think that if you were looking at our episode from last week and what we’re discussing today. In episode 42, we’re continuing with the spirit of last week’s episode. So, if you that was the greatest thing […]


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