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How Much Do You REALLY Need to Generate Your Retirement Income

A lot of Americans are struck ill thinking about how much money they need to retire. Several trade associations within the financial services industry have noted the lack of preparation both consumers and financial advisors et. al. have as it relates to turning your heard earned and saved dollars into retirement income. This problem has […]


The Myth of the Evil Insurance Salesman

For years, media types and fee-for-service consultants have shouted commissioned salespeople into a dark ugly corner. This bullying reinforces the stereotype that commissioned sales professionals twist the arms of unsuspecting persons in an effort to enrich themselves. While this sort of stories certainly makes for good entertainment (and tasty marketing morsels for the slick brochures […]


Average 401k Returns: The News is not so Good

Back in the Spring of this year, good news came out of CNBC regarding average 401k returns when they published an article titled Big Surge in 401k Balances, but Workers still not Saving Enough. The news out of this article was that the average 401k balance had grown $42,400 or nearly doubled from five years […]


Your Banker Has a New Service

The banking industry excitedly moved into financial services in the early/mid 90’s when Congress pulled down the Glass-Steagall Act and removed the barrier that had kept the banking industry out of insurance and investments for decades. Now it seems an industry that loves to binge on transactions is scaling back and looking to expand into […]


Back to Basics: What is the 1035 Exchange?

We’ve decided there are a number of more elementary topics that we’ve not discussed here and in the interest of making the Insurance Pro Blog as great a resource as possible on the topic of insurance, we’re going to turn Friday’s into a day where we talk about more basic topics in the insurance and […]


Why Your Rate of Return is always Different

Most of us have seen the marketing brochures distributed by mutual fund companies and investment products salespeople as an inducement to place our money in a fund. At the very least, we’ve encountered historical returns posted within a 401k plan that some people use to help select where they place their money. But have you […]


Exotic Investment Schemes are NOT Always Better

Have you ever met someone who has had the next great investment idea?  It may be a really good friend, perhaps someone that you see on the cocktail party circuit or in many cases it’s your friendly investment advisor, insurance agent, stock broker, financial planner et. al. I’m not talking about the guy who always […]


The Rule of 72

I know what most of you are probably thinking: the rule of 72? Have the Insurance Pro Blog guys run out of ideas for post topics? Or busy week? Maybe they didn’t have time to come up with something more creative than a boring post about a finance topic known the world over. For those […]


The Defense of Marriage Act: A Financial Planning Application

You may have noticed that Facebook is aflutter this week with red boxes containing two pink horizontal parallel bars (an equal sign) and wondered “why now is the gay marriage debate picking up steam?” The reason is chiefly due to a lawsuit filed by Edith Windsor, which has made its way to the United States’ […]


Suze Orman on Prospecting: If you have to, you must not be very good at your job

Normally we leave Suze Orman alone, but now I’ve written a post about her two weeks in a row.  I promise next week not to talk about her at all. Actually, this piece has been in the works for a while.  Brandon started it a while back when a colleague steered him to yet another […]


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