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Life Insurance Companies Love the Estate Tax”

I bet you didn’t know how much the life insurance industry really loves having the estate tax stick around?  Yes indeed…according to a recent report on the fox business channel, life insurance companies spent $60 million in the last six months lobbying for the estate tax to stick around. Why in the world would they […]


The Family Limited Partnership

Today I thought we’d discuss a rather mundane topic, the Family Limited Partnership but one that carries great significance nonetheless.  I’m like everyone else I suppose in that I tend to lean away from some of the more heady topics that dig really deep into the nitty gritty of insurance/financial planning topics.  Why? Well mainly […]


Estate Planning and the Estate Tax Are Not the Same Thing

Well it seems we narrowly averted the fiscal cliff as we rang in the New year.  I’m sure that we’re all breathing much easier now.  At least we’ll get a momentary reprieve from the political circus that’s dominated the national conversation over the past few weeks. Can you detect a bit of sarcasm in my […]


2013, The Estate Tax, and You

The Estate Tax is set for a nasty reset come the end of this year if Congress does not act to extend current legislation, or create new. We’ve steered clear of political discussions on the Insurance Pro Blog, and we still intend to do that. Today’s discussion will attempt to be as objective on the […]


The Goodman Triangle–The Unholy Trinity of Life Insurance Tax Traps

There’s a funny sounding phrase in the life insurance world that relates to a lethal tax trap called the “Goodman Triangle”.  Sounds deadly doesn’t it? Well, it actually refers to a court case Goodman v. Commissioner that dates back to 1946 believe it or not.  And it is the “unholy trinity” of life insurance planning.


An Introduction to Estate Planning

Estate planning is a subject that traditionally incites images of stuffy topics that require obtuse attorneys who spend all of their time fascinating over abysmal tax implications.  While this assumption about the topic isn’t unwarranted, it’s a tad incomplete.  Estate planning is a subject that will infiltrate everyone’s life and how you choose to address […]


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