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Why Pay for Individual Disability Insurance?

One of the most common questions surrounding disability insurance is, “If I have a group disability insurance plan why would I need to buy my own disability insurance outside of my employer sponsored plan?” Well, I’m not suggesting that you always should but I am suggesting it’s something you need to weigh objectively because it’s […]


Disability Insurance Definition of Disability…It can’t be that Important, can it?

I remember when I was studying for my insurance license and I came across the disability insurance section.  I was sitting in my sales manager’s office going through items and I commented that own-occupation was obviously far superior to any-occupation.  Little did I know my little intuitive observation lay at the core of disability insurance comparison. […]


May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month

It’s May, which means it’s DIAM, or Disability Insurance Awareness Month, the one time of year that a very crucial financial insurance tool that goes grossly overlooked by many finally gets a little bit of play.  We’ve not spent much time talking about disability insurance here on the Insurance Pro Blog, and that’s due in […]


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