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Wal-Mart Steals Human Life Value from Employees

Today I’m revisiting a topic that I wrote about last summer concerning Wal-Mart and their purchase of what is commonly known as Dead Peasant Insurance.  If you’d like to read that post, it’s really short and you can find it here. Something I didn’t do in that previous post is tell you exactly where the […]


Dead Peasant Insurance–The Employer Owned Life Insurance Problem Solved with a Napkin

To follow up Brandon’s post from yesterday regarding employer owned life insurance (EOLI) and so called Dead Peasant Insurance as it’s been described in the media, I thought I’d share a piece recently written over at Forbes. We think this sort of reporting is pretty typical of the insider media mantra, “if it bleeds it leads”. […]


Employer Owned Life Insurance, It Might Not Be Quite What You Think

Employer Owned Life Insurance is a funny topic.  Funny in the way religion divides the masses and causes all kinds of fun (and not very amicable) discussion.  And, a lot like religion, there’s a fair deal of mis-interpretation that leads to further distrust and hatred (ok no more religion on the Insurance Pro Blog, ever). […]


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