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A Fixed Indexed Annuity Success Story

  Fixed indexed annuities are fixed interest rate annuity products that derive the interest rate credited to the policy’s cash values based on movement in an index (the same way indexed universal life insurance derives an interest rate). They often provide additional benefits through a rider that guarantees a level of income from the annuity. The accumulation […]


Why a fixed index annuity is still a great deal

Many consumers and most agents assume that because interest rates are at an all time low and thus cap rates are at an all time low, the fixed index annuity is no longer a viable alternative to other investments such as CDs and the stock market.  However, this is an extremely narrow point of view […]


What is an Annuity?

When it comes to financial planning and insurance products the annuity is traditionally regarded as the product that disperses or liquidates a sum of money.  Long known for their reputation as the safe product used for creating guaranteed income streams. Annuities have evolved as much (if not more) than life insurance contracts over the past 100 […]


Indexing In Monte Carlo

Now that we know the basics of indexing, we can dive into a much more interesting topic: Does it work?  We’re going to use a hypothetical contract (it’s actually a real contract from which I have borrowed heavily, but we won’t name names) where there is a minimum interest rate of 2% per year and […]


Should I Cash-In my Life Insurance (How CNN Got it Wrong and Why you should Care)?

Recently I cam across an article on the CNN Money Help Board posted from someone who was looking for some advice on deciding what to do with two life insurance policies he and his wife had.  The central sticking point for the individual was that the kids were gone and now he was trying to […]


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