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Is Your Agent a Practitioner or a Rockstar?

Most insurance agents and investment salespeople are taught that the secret to success But despite the flaunting, which admittedly reels some people in, I’ve discovered that most people still appreciate a guy (or gal) who cares more about how well he can implement a plan than what shoes he wears.


Trading the USP for the WYSA

As we do here at the insurance pro blog from time-to-time, I’m taking a slight diversion from all things related to life insurance and personal finance to talk about something else that I think needs to be discussed. If that doesn’t interest you…I understand. Not to worry, we’re not abandoning the core of what this […]


Why this Industry Needs Fewer “Salespeople”

Piggybacking on the advice for finding a good insurance agent, I figured I’d take some soap box time this week to roll out a few additional thoughts on the industry. I’ve also thoughtfully provided pointers to assist consumers with avoiding certain pitfalls, meanwhile hopefully inspiring some agents out there to renounce the dark side and […]


How to Pick a Good Insurance Agent

Recently I got a little upset over a post made by another blogger who positions himself as a financial guru for a specific audience, and my issue with a particular piece he did was based on some serious flaws concerning his framing of the issue. …but there’s some gold that I think comes from people […]


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