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BREAKING NEWS: Guardian Life 2018 Dividend

The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America announced its plans to pay participating policy holders a total of $911 million in dividends in 2018.  This will mark the 


IPB 090: Is Cash Value Life Insurance Expensive?

  Over the past few weeks we’ve had a half-dozen or so conversations with folks who would like to understand the expense of owning cash value life insurance. Yes, for the sake of our discussion we are lumping together whole life and universal life insurance. How can we do that? Aren’t they distinctly different products? […]


IPB 089: The Misery of Retirement

  The 2017 Boomer Expectations for Retirement survey from the Insured Retirement Institute reveals that things are not really improving for Boomers as they move into and toward retirement. There are more than a few disturbing statistics to share. I recommend you follow along with the report as you listen to this week’s episode, it […]


BREAKING NEWS: MassMutual 2018 Dividend

MassMutual announced its plans to pay participating policy holders a combined $1.6 billion in dividends.  This total payout will be 


BREAKING NEWS Northwestern Mutual 2018 Dividend Announced

Northwestern Mutual Life announced its plans to pay policyholders an combined $5.3 billion in 2018.  This dividend payment will be represent a


IPB 088: Do Increased Expense Charges Really Cause Problems for Universal Life Insurance?

  It seems there’s no end to the bad news in our industry as it relates to increased COI/expense charges for universal life insurance policies that were sold by SOME companies. Lawsuits are popping up and embarrassing company practices are being revealed. First, let’s get a few things on the table… Yes, within every universal […]


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