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IPB 081: The Death of the Life Insurance Medical Exam

  In episode 81, we’re talking about the newest trend emerging in the world of life insurance underwriting and that is… The end of paramedical exams and lab tests. Now, the exams aren’t going away completely. However, after talking with several people working for companies that have been rolling this out over the last several […]


IPB 080: Black Box Baloney

  Whole life insurance is often maligned by the rest of the financial services world (those who sell registered investment products) as lacking transparency. It’s referred to as a “black box” for its lack of disclosure. Opponents say that it’s not so much about how various pieces and parts are calculated, but more about the […]


Five-Year Whole Life Insurance Company Investment Yield Trend: 2016 Edition

  For five years, we have tracked the investment yield trend of whole life insurance companies and we continue to analyze this data every year because investment income is a primary driver of dividends paid to participating insurance policy holders. Investment income is not the only contributor to any insurance company’s dividend payout. The other […]


IPB 078: The Bondex v2.6.4.3

  To continue on with the discussion of potentially rising interest rates… We actually get into what it might mean for life insurance companies and for your life insurance policy–whether it happens to be participating whole life or universal life. Major discussions in this episode: How quickly can you expect your dividend (WL) and/or interest […]


IPB 077: The Perilous Bondex

    Former Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan, believes the next bubble to burst will not be in the equity markets…it will be a normalizing of yields in the bond market as inflation ticks up. During a Bloomberg interview, Greenspan said… “By any measure, real long-term interest rates are much too low and therefore unsustainable” […]


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