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IPB 073: Don’t Worry About the Economy…We Got This

  Recent comments from Fed Chairman, Janet Yellen, indicate that she thinks we’ll never see another financial crisis like we saw in 2008. She’s probably right but is that really a profound observation?


IPB 072: How Do You Define “Best Interest”?

  Well, the day of reckoning has come and gone. The new Department of Labor’s new Fiduciary Rule is largely in effect across the financial services industry. Discussion over the rule and its implications have been debated over the last couple of years with a fair degree of intensity. Still it seems that the smoke […]


IPB 071: Nationwide Sued for Increasing Cost of Insurance

  Are increasing COI charges really a problem with universal life insurance? Or could it be that competence in understanding policy design (from the outset) and management is actually more important? Today we’re discussing¬†an ongoing lawsuit between a family and Nationwide regarding a couple of variable universal life policies that are owned by an ILIT […]


IPB 070: Question and Answer-Round 2

Episode 70 marks only our second FAQ episode since we started the Insurance Pro Blog Podcast. But it proves that we do indeed love the questions that we get from our audience, so keep’em coming our way. We’ll do our best to get to them in our upcoming Q&A episodes. We were planning to answer […]


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