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BREAKING NEWS: Penn Mutual Life 2017 Dividend Announced

The Pennsylvania Mutual Life Insurance Company announced its plans to pay participating policy holders a total of $58 million in dividends for 2017. This represents an increase over last year of


2016 Whole Life Insurance Dividend Analysis

  Since 2013, we have published the only public analysis on variation in dividends for major participating whole life insurance products.  This analysis is a better gauge on product dividend performance than traditional reporting that focuses on the absolute declared dividend announced by each company.


BREAKING NEWS: Guardian Life Announces 2017 Dividend

The Guardian Life Insurance Company of American has announced its plans to pay $847 million in dividends to its participating policy holders. This represents the highest gross dividend payout in the company’s history and a gross increase from last year of


IPB 051: Who Should and Shouldn’t Buy Whole Life Insurance?

  One question that we seem to get repeatedly is, “Should I put all of my emergency fund into a whole life policy?” The first few times we got this question we figured maybe it was just coincidence? But, after having been around ye olde interwebs for over five years now, and talking to over […]


IPB 050: Dividend Season 2016

  It’s that time of year again…time for companies that offer participating whole life insurance policies to make their dividend announcements for the coming year. (And yes, we realize these are technically the 2017 dividend announcements but since they’re made in 2016 we refer to it as the 2016 season.) So far, we’ve heard from […]


BREAKING NEWS: MassMutual Life Announces 2017 Dividend

The Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company announced its intentions to pay $1.6 billion in dividends to policyholders in 2017. This represents a decrease from 2016 of


IPB 049: Why 10 Pay Whole Life Is Not So Great

  We are often asked about 10 Pay Whole life policies as a strategy to accumulate cash value at a more rapid rate. So, today were getting into why this might not be the best idea. As a quick review a true 10 Pay Whole Life Insurance requires just 10 premium payments.  After those 10 […]


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