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IPB 028: How the Current Economy Impacts Whole Life Insurance

Today’s episode dives into a discussion of how economic conditions and more specifically how interest rates have and will effect whole life insurance dividends. What happens if rates go down further? I know it doesn’t seem likely but there are other countries around the world that have negative short term rates currently. Or better yet, […]


IPB 027: Life Insurance Policy Expense Comparison

  In today’s episode, we dipped into the mailbag and pulled out a question from one of you, our listeners. To be more precise, the question was part of a comment that was asked after episode 25 (Life Insurance as a Retirement Tool Part 1). Kevin asked:


IPB 026: Life Insurance as a Retirement Tool Part 2

First, if you haven’t listened to the previous episode (IPB 025), you really should. That episode will provide a bit of context for today’s episode. I’m sure that most people who frequent this site and listen to our podcast assumeĀ that we think life insurance is a virtual financial swiss army knife. And while it is […]


IPB 025: Life Insurance as a Retirement Tool Part 1

  One of the biggest problems for most Americans is understanding how to convert the balance they have saved in retirement plans, brokerage accounts etc. into an income they can use during retirement. The financial services industry has done a masterful job at training “advisors” to help their clients accumulate cash. But very few advisorsĀ 


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