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IPB 024: The Ultimate Guide to Paid Up Additions (podcast edition)

  We love paid-up additions and if you’ve listened to us at all, you’re not all that surprised. But we’ve made a little misstep in terms of being so broad in our discussion about them. And we’re always adding new people to our audience. So it bears repeating… Not all paid-up additions are created equal. […]


2015 Operational Cash Flow Growth for Whole Life Focused Life Insurers

We’ve reported on operational cash flow among life insurers in the past and note that we hold this metric in high regard for a multitude of reasons. Our philosophy is that operational cash flow shows us true profitability of a life insurance company, especially among whole life focused insurers. Why is that? Well, it’s primarily […]


IPB 023: The Fiduciary Rule

Well, the Department of Labor has finally rolled out their long awaited ruling on retirement accounts and a new “fiduciary rule”. Rather than re-invent the wheel here in this post, I’m going to refer you to this piece I wrote last summer: Can the government fix your retirement woes? Also, if you want to read […]


IPB 022: Life Insurance Customer Service Pitfalls

Today we’re talking about one of the less glamorous aspects of our business…customer service. It seems like an obvious thing. Surely a life insurance company that sells a particular product will be able to deliver service requests that are made by their customers. I wish that were always true. It’s not. In fact


IPB 021: Actually, You Shouldn’t Buy That Policy On Your Kids

  In the world of “financial advice” there is certainly no shortage of bad ideas. Today’s podcast focuses in on one particular concept that we think is particularly dumb. There are some savvy marketers out there that would suggest if you are not able to obtain life insurance coverage for yourself (for one reason or […]


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