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IPB 020: The Lump Sum Funding Option

  In today’s episode we discuss the ins and outs of using a lump sum of money to fund your cash value life insurance policy (you can use universal life or whole life). With the paltry interest being paid by savings and money market accounts, life insurance can be a great place to warehouse cash […]


IPB 019: What About Variable Universal Life Insurance?

  We never talk about variable universal life insurance. It’s true, the black sheep of the life insurance world isn’t something we ever really discuss. And occasionally someone comes along to ask us about it so we figured today was as good a day as any to discuss it. There’s not that much to say […]


IPB 018: The Rich Man’s Roth

  Did you know that whole life insurance is just for rich people? Have you ever heard that? Do you agree? It could be argued that all types of permanent life insurance (whole life and universal life) are better suited for those of higher income. But… There’s a problem with organizing these sorts of ideas into […]


Myth: Indexed Universal Life Insurance has Stock Market Exposure – Case Study

When we discuss indexed universal life insurance with new potential clients, they commonly mention that they already have stock market exposure, so they see no need to gain additional exposure to the market. I understand the impression they often have, but assuming that indexed universal life insurance gives you additional exposure to the market is a […]


IPB 017: Beating Up on the 529 Plan

  Ever pick on something that was so easy to make fun of that it makes you feel a little bit guilty? Yep, me too. And that’s exactly how I feel about the 529 plan. It’s bad in so many different ways that this probably could have been an hour long episode (or more). Think […]


Whole Life Insurance Five Year Investment Income Trend

Investment income is a huge profit driver for life insurance companies. We’ve spent a lot of time analyzing and reporting on overall investment yield trends for life insurance companies, but that analysis only compares the raw yield insurers achieve on their managed asset pool.  It’s possible that a declining yield simple indicates a de-risking strategy. […]


IPB 016: The Universal Life Insurance Expense Debacle

    Perhaps you’ve heard or seen some of the rumblings about certain life insurance companies raising their cost of insurance (COI) charges on blocks of universal life insurance business. To be sure, this is not something that’s great news. But is it really the calamity that some news stories make it out to be? […]


Five Reasons Whole Life Insurance is Better than a 529 Plan

The 529 Plan began to materialize in the mid 1990’s taking inspiration from prepaid tuition programs in the state of Michigan. Since the initial formation it has become the dominate recommendation among financial gurus for college savings in the United States—despite President Obama’s suggestion that we end the tax free distribution 529 Plans enjoy during […]


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