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IPB 015: The Infinite Banking Concept

  We’ve are often asked about the Infinite Banking Concept and our opinion of it. If we you want to read more about it, we’ve actually written some other posts about it in the past. You can find those here: Infinite Banking Lies About Universal Life Bank on Yourself, Infinite Banking, etc. Can You Bank […]


The Power of Whole Life Insurance in a Down Market

A few weeks ago a client of ours (we’ll call him Ted to protect his identity) reached out to us looking to take a policy loan from a whole life policy he owns. A unique and, arguable rare, opportunity arrived on his door step (literally) and he needed cash. The interesting part of this story, […]


IPB 014: Why Your Financial Advisor Never Talks About Life Insurance

  So…why doesn’t your financial advisor seem all that eager to get into a discussion about life insurance? Most, other than suggesting you should probably have some term insurance will never even bring it up. Why is that? Aren’t most financial advisors also licensed to sell insurance? Yes, they are and they love selling variable […]


IPB 013: Life Insurance is the Ultimate Emergency Fund

  Today we’re keeping with the theme from last week’s episode. We’re discussing the alternatives that you have to whole life insurance. So, if you weren’t stuffing thousands every year into your whole life policy, what else could you be doing with that money?


Risk Adjusted Return for Life Insurance Assets – Whole Life Insurance

I personally take risk adjusted rate of return very seriously. My focus on it largely comes from the notion of taking calculated risks to achieve various levels of return. For example, one might make a killing placing his or her entire life’s savings into a pink sheet stock, but risk exposure relative to the anticipated […]


IPB 012: Whole Life Insurance vs. the Stock Market

We’ve been asked to compare whole life insurance vs. the stock market too many times not to make at least one episode about it. It’s not a comparison that we’re wild about making. First, it makes it seem that it’s an us vs. them sort of scenario. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We believe […]


Life Insurance as an Income Producing Asset with the Power of Leverage

We’ve talked a lot about using life insurance as an income producing asset. Many people stumble a bit when they first attempt to wrap their head around the notion of using “insurance” either as a place to save money or as an asset from which they can generate income.  I raised an eyebrow or two […]


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