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IPB 011: Universal Life Insurance Policy Loans

Today’s episode is all about universal life insurance policy loans. Yeah, not the most exciting topic…we know. However, it’s important to have at least a high level of understanding on the subject if you are looking to use the cash value from your policy. Particularly if you plan to draw an income from your policy […]


When a 5.75% Return is Better than an 8% Return

“Whole life insurance/universal life insurance is a terrible investment because the returns are horrible.”  We’ve heard that before.  You don’t have to wander the interwebs far to find someone peddling this bologna.  If you don’t believe me, see here, here, here, and here.  None of those four authors hold a license to sell life insurance, […]


IPB 010: An Introduction to Universal Life Insurance

  Today we’re backing up a bit before we move forward. As it turns out we already have the next couple of months episodes already mapped out…which you’ll know is very unusual for us if you’ve been following us for any length of time. But with this newest podcast we’re really making an effort to […]


Think 8% Returns are Realistic? At Least One Robo-Advisor Disagrees

For years the investment industry—and various financial gurus—have told us that we can achieve an 8% (or better) return on our money by “investing in stocks.” That statement is vague on the details so it’s difficult to determine exactly what it means, but the consensus on the inference is that investing in stocks (perhaps even a […]


IPB 009: Whole Life Dividend Recognition–Direct vs. Non-Direct

  The debate over dividend recognition with participating whole life insurance policies has been raging for about three decades. For most of that time, it’s a debate that existed only in the annals of the life insurance industry. At least until just a few years ago. What happened a few years ago to bring it to […]


IPB 008: Whole Life Insurance Policy Blending Explained

  In episode 8 of the Insurance Pro Blog Podcast we’re talking about whole life insurance policy blending. Sounds exciting right? It might be to those of you who’ve been listening to and/or reading our stuff for a while and have heard us bring up the term “blending” but never really understood what we actually meant. […]


Sequence of Returns Risk and Indexed Universal Life Insurance

We’ve addressed the subject of sequence of returns risk in the past. We’ve even discussed it on the new Insurance Pro Blog Podcast. This subject has become a hot topic in more recent years as financial advisors now struggle to build retirement income plans for their clients and face the problem that few, if any, […]


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