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IPB 007: 2016 Whole Life Insurance Dividend Recap

  Well, we knew that you would need something to distract you from all the things you SHOULD be doing today…shopping for last minute gifts, going to family gatherings, snapping together plastic stuff for your children etc. So we published a short episode this week to give you


IPB 006: Sequence of Returns Risk

  In the world of risk there are specific things that typically get mentioned–market risk, liquidity risk, interest rate risk and systemic risk. But before you all run away thinking that we’re going to get in some mind-numbing conversation about such esoteric concepts…don’t fret, we’re not. No, in fact we’re going to discuss a different type […]


Case Study: Whole Life Insurance vs. Bond Strategy

We receive phone calls and emails every week from people looking to “de-risk” their portfolio and possibly add life insurance as a complement to their other investment and savings strategies. A comment that tends to trend among these good folks notes that while we’ve done a pretty decent job explaining the more esoteric aspects of […]


IPB 005: Life Insurance, The Income Producing Rockstar

  When most people think of life insurance, the first thing that comes to mind is the death benefit that it provides to loved ones or causes after you die…right? That’s a pretty obvious benefit and not one that should be downplayed to any extent. We’ve seen firsthand the power of a life insurance benefit […]


Argument against Permanent Life Insurance: Lack of Fee Disclosure

In our final installment of the five most common arguments made against permanent life insurance we’ll take on fees or the lack of a discussion about fees, as high fees were already discussed. The claim here is that life insurance contracts are very non-transparent regarding fee disclosure and you never really know what you are signing up […]


IPB Episode 004: Whole Life Insurance is Awesome and We Have Historical Proof to Back It Up

  Over the last few years…basically since the beginning of the Insurance Pro Blog going back to the summer of 2011, we’ve been preaching the gospel of whole life insurance. Sure, there have been plenty of people who’ve come along to tell us how wrong we are and how a simple investment in an index […]


Argument Against Permanent Life Insurance: They Steal your Cash when you Die

  This weeks edition of senseless arguments levied against whole life insurance and universal life insurance is one my very favorites. Even though I’ve addressed this topic before, I couldn’t pass it up knowing I’d be writing a series on the most common “complaints” used to dissuade the buying public from these products. I do […]


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