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BREAKING NEWS: Northwestern Mutual Announces 2016 Dividend

The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company has announced its intentions to pay $5.6 billion in dividends to policyholders in 2016. This represents an increase over 2015 of $120 million.


Do 80% of Whole Life Policyholders Cancel their Policies?

Spend anytime looking around the internet for reasons not to buy whole life insurance and you’ll inevitably land on pages claiming that 80% or more of whole life purchasers cancel their contracts. The inference here is that with such a high rate of cancellation those who bought before you learned something you’ve yet to uncover, […]


Same Stock Market, Two Different Decades

We know the stock market is volatile and we know that stock market losses happen. Traditional advice is that losses can be recouped with time so any investor whose stomach twists into knots when he or she opens a 401(k) statement need not worry if he or she can wait out the correction. For the […]


NIRS: Rising Cost of Long Term Care Biggest Obstacle in Preparing for Retirement

The National Institute on Retirement Security released data during the first quarter of this year looking at how American’s view retirement and specifically retirement preparedness (or the lack thereof). The outlook is grim.


187 What Should We Do When We Run Out of Other People’s Money?

“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” Margaret Thatcher Not much that needs to be added to that quote. We are seeing what happens when the government devises plans that use flawed logic and a lack of mathematical fact. Is it really a big surprise that the health […]


2015 Whole Life Insurance Dividend Analysis

In 2013 we released the industry’s first public analysis on variation in dividends for major participating whole life insurance products. This analysis focuses on variation and trend of declared dividend interest rate at the seven most competitive life insurers who issue participating whole life and will publicly announce/disclose their dividend interest rate (more on this point […]


186 It’s Tough To Get A Job With Half An Associates Degree

  Newsflash: someone has finally exposed the real problem with student loan defaults. Turns out that half a degree doesn’t get you a decent return on investment for money you borrowed. And we all know why Vanguard can provide really low expenses for their mutual funds. You’ll have to listen to the podcast to find […]


Certificate of Deposit Alternative: Multi Year Guaranteed Annuities

For the conservative savers out there who have found frustration in plummeting certificate of deposit rates, we have an alternative savings strategy you’ll likely want to know about. For years the insurance industry has manufactured an annuity product that functions similarly to CD’s and, for the right person, this product is often favored for its […]


185 Amazing, Simple, Easy, Fair

Well, today may be the shortest full-length podcast we’ve ever recorded. You’re welcome for that little gift. Here’s what we discussed in episode 185: New research shows that 401k’s haven’t hurt retirement benefits A well-known market pontificator sounds an alarm The tax code gets “Trumped” (pdf download) As always, we appreciate your comments and suggestions for […]


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