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An Indexed Universal Life Insurance Success Story

I was recently reviewing an indexed universal life policy issued seven years ago. We do a lot of reviews for life insurance policies (especially the ones we ourselves put in force for people) and such reviews look at performance to date as well as a comparison to the original policy projection to review how things […]


184 Hey…Have You Heard About the “internet”?

We’re back after taking a week off and wouldn’t you know it…Gen Y still doesn’t like being forced to talk to insurance agents at their kitchen tables? (sarcasm light on) This is a story that never gets old to us. It seems like financial services industry just discovered that the internet is here to stay. […]


Five Year Asset Growth Indexed Universal Life Companies

Insurance company asset growth is a measure of overall company success in accumulating assets. It’s a metric that certainly indicates positivity when the trend is upwards, but there are a few nuances that we have to keep in mind before ambitiously declaring a winner. Insurers can accumulate assets either through the new business process (i.e. […]


183 Reduce Your Retirement Income or Pay Up

  Today we’re back to your regular format. A veritable hodge-podge of news from the world of finance. Yes, we could’ve spent another whole episode discussing the volatility of the markets, but we figured there are plenty of other places you can go to hear all about that. And no one really has any answers […]


2015 Whole Life Focused Company Cash Flow Trend Analysis

Operating cash flow is the cash generated by an insurance company prior to the inclusion of investment income generated by managed assets. Under insurance statutory accounting rules, this is profits generated after deducting operating expenses. Insurers that have issued participating policies can cover planned dividend payments with operating cash and/or investment income. We look at […]


182 A Discussion of Risk: Percentages Be Damned, I Need Income

Well, we take a week off from recording/producing the financial procast and the market decides it’s going to fall apart. I wasn’t aware that our podcast was the glue that holds it all together? In light of that, and the fact that today marks the 3rd anniversary of our show, we decided to take a […]


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