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178 Oh Kevin, I’d Like to Buy Some Health Insurance

  We’re back after a two week unplanned hiatus. Sometimes life happens, not much we can do about that. Thankfully, we still remember how to record and produce a podcast. Here’s what we’re discussing in episode 178: A $15/hr. minimum wage? Obamacare rates set to skyrocket The housing market is irrational As always, if you’d […]


A Fixed Indexed Annuity Success Story

  Fixed indexed annuities are fixed interest rate annuity products that derive the interest rate credited to the policy’s cash values based on movement in an index (the same way indexed universal life insurance derives an interest rate). They often provide additional benefits through a rider that guarantees a level of income from the annuity. The accumulation […]


There is no Whole Life vs. Term Insurance Debate

An aspect of the financial services and insurance industries that has always bugged me is this notion that there is some sort of debate over which life insurance product someone should buy. To set the stage, the discussion generally notes the differences between term life insurance and whole life insurance (mostly harping on “price” paid […]


177 URSA: The Other Retirement Plan

  Are you tired of new ideas? Why is that people (us included) spend so much time trying to come up with new ideas when the old ones aren’t bad? Let me clear, lest you think I’m a luddite. I’m not saying that things shouldn’t improve over time and that new choices aren’t a good […]


Life Insurance Has Weathered the Opinion Storm

Life insurance is a pretty unique financial tool. It’s no secret around here that we’re fans. Our admiration comes from personal observations and a lot of number crunching we’ve done to arrive at the opinion we have. But not everyone shares in our high opinion of life insurance and the life insurance industry.


176 I Don’t Think That Word Means What You Think It Means

We tried not to talk about the Department of Labor’s proposed rule change regarding retirement accounts. I promise. We had a conversation where we specifically decided we weren’t going to do it. But then we did. There are times that no matter how much we’d like to talk about something else we can’t. This story […]


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