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159 This Episode Brought to You By Apple

No today’s episode of the Financial Procast is not really sponsored by Apple, but if you listen closely you’ll get the joke. All I can say is thank goodness for the amazing battery life of my Macbook Pro Retina. We were able to record this hour long podcast with me only having about 25% of the […]


158 You Are NOT Diversified!

In episode 158 we were truly given the gift of awesome topics to discuss and we even get to reference some commentary from one of our favorite economists/financial commentators, Robert Shiller. Today we’re discussing what Dr. Shiller thinks investors can expect in regard to asset returns moving forward, the rise of “roboadvisers” (and their insane […]


157 What It Takes to Become a 401k Millionaire

Well, we’re back after I was gone on a little vacation last week. I know that many of regular listeners were shocked that we didn’t release an episode last week as it is customary for us to do so even when one of us is away. Alas, life happened and we weren’t able to record […]


Whole Life Insurance Company Investment Risk: Non-Investment Grade Bonds to Surplus

Choosing a whole life insurance company’s product as a place to store cash requires a deeper understanding and trust in the company’s ability to care for your money. There are a multitude of metrics that we look at when we select a company for a client and these various metrics help us measure risk faced […]


Historical Whole Life Insurance Dividend Changes: 2015 Edition

Whole life insurance dividend changes often happen once per year and we generally get excited near the end of the year when most companies announce these changes. We’ve been tracking and announcing changes when they become available for the past several years and will continue to do so in the future. The anticipation for the […]


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