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Breaking News: Penn Mutual Announces 2015 Dividend Rate

The Pennsylvania Mutual Life Insurance Company has announced its plans to pay its participating policy holders $41.2 million in dividends an increase of


Breaking News: New York Life Announces 2015 Dividend

The New York Life Insurance Company has announced its plans to pay $1.6 billion to its participating policyholders in 2015.  This will be an increase in total dividends paid of


Breaking News: Guardian Life Announces 2015 Dividend Rate

The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America has announced its plans to pay $784 million in dividends to its participating policy holders in 2015.  This will make the dividend rate for 2015


7 Reasons to be Wary of Indexed Universal Life Insurance? A Response to Bank on Yourself

Pam and friends over at Bank on Yourself® released a blog post detailing the reasons to be wary of Indexed Universal Life Insurance complete with a video to further emphasize their point. It comes as little surprise that a marketing program that seeks to help insurance agents sell more whole life insurance would work to […]


148 This Is How I Say I Love You–Now Get Out!

I guess we should’ve called this our “Thanksgiving Special” since we’ve decided to take the week off from producing an episode of the Financial Procast. So, here you go, it’s our Thanksgiving Special–filled with joy of course (sarcasm light is blinking). Today’s episode may not be filled with all the joy of a Thanksgiving Day […]


Top Whole Life Insurance Carriers for Cash Accumulation 2014 Edition

When considering the best whole life insurance for retirement savings or any other derivative dealing with cash balance focus (e.g. Bank on Yourself®/Infinite Banking®, collateral assignments, retirement income, etc.) it’s vital to pick a product and a carrier that can best accommodate this goal. Whole life insurance can be an excellent choice for accumulating cash […]


147 The World’s Wealthiest Manicurist

Every now and then when we’re compiling things that we’d like to discuss in an episode of the Financial Procast, we find 3 or 4 topics for discussion that have absolutely no relation at all to one another. If you’ve never experienced this phenomenon, you’re in luck today! Listen closely, comment freely and let us […]


Proper Assumptions about Indexed Universal Life Insurance Income

Using indexed universal life insurance for retirement income comes with a certain degree of skill and responsibility that shouldn’t be overlooked. The liberty an agent or broker can exercise over assumed interest rates means that we need to seriously test our design and proposed ideas to ensure proper expectations as it relates to policy performance. […]


Breaking News: Northwestern Mutual Announces 2015 Dividend

The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company announced its 2015 Dividend. Total dividends paid will increase by roughly $300 million to $5.5 billion and the dividend interest rate on whole life insurance


146 I Went to College And All I Got Was This Stupid Loan

Well, you’ll find it a big relief to know that my office was clear of dead rodents this week so our sound quality should be back to an acceptable quality. Here’s what we are talking about today:   Seems Some Millennials Can’t Save Enough for Retirement (04:27) Is the 4% Rule Finally Dead? (16:15) LIMRA: […]


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