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111 Universal Versus Whole Life Insurance: Why Not Both?

In our practice, there’s often a discussion that develops around the idea of universal versus whole life insurance and we know this sacred battleground for many of our colleagues. Indeed people do have choices which as we all know can be a good thing and a bad thing all at the same time. Something that happens […]


Financial Advice: Generic is Not Better for You

Getting the right financial advice is important and the truth is that average financial advice is really for average people.are so many financial media outlets present and they are more than willing to throwout generic financial advice. Additionally, there are countless bloggers that offer up what we might refer to as “boiler plate” financial advice. You […]


109 The Financial Crisis is Not a Distant Memory

The financial crisis of 2008 was over nearly five years ago but recent research shows us that investors are still having a really hard time finding the balance between performance and safety. Today we have a barrage of statistics showing us that investors are still not quite sure they should be back in the stock market […]


108 Life Insurance and the Kids

There’s so much bad advice that gets passed around the life insurance industry that sometimes it’s hard to point out the real stinkers. But today, we’re zeroing in on the misguided direction that some self-appointed life insurance gurus have been spewing into the world over the last few years. What’s the bad advice? Well it actually […]


107 Ignorant Advice is Always Bad Advice

There is certainly no shortage of self-appointed financial “experts” making the rounds in the financial media–television, print and on ye olde interwebs. But we think something everyone should consider before relying on the advice of these gurus.


106 Why Don’t We Talk More About Disability Insurance?

For all of the joking around we do in this episode, we actually like disability insurance a lot.  What we’re a bit annoyed with is the fact that there are a great many agents, insurance marketers and insurance companies that love to talk about the underserved disability insurance market. Now, they base that on the […]


105 Universal Life Insurance Guarantees: There’s More to this Story

Since the inception of universal life insurance in the late 1970’s, the whole life world has felt threatened and rightfully so. Universal life insurance boasted a myriad of benefits that improved upon many of the drawbacks that long plagued whole life insurance. And the one argument the whole life insurance champions have long leaned on […]


104 Suitability? What Suitability?

Today we’re going to talk about regulation. Now, we’re never in favor of MORE regulation…let’s be clear on that. But, we do think that the life insurance industry needs to do a better job of policing itself. If we don’t, regulators will intervene and that won’t be pretty for anyone. It’s a bit of an […]


103 It’ll Only Hurt for a Second

Holding onto a life insurance policy because you want to recapture the premium you’ve paid into the policy is playing exactly to the insurance company’s hand.  The reason they love to have so little cash surrender value in early years, is related to the thin margins they pull from a life insurance policy at this […]


102 Trust Me…Just Focus on the Future

What’s the problem with binoculars?  They perform a great duty in that they make things that are off in the distance become very clear to us. The problem is that they isolate your perspective so much that you often miss what’s right in front of you.  What’s that got to do with anything you ask? […]


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