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100 Why We Hate Variable Universal Life Insurance

It’s always a bit disturbing when there is a headline that makes such a bold and definitive statement. Just makes me cringe. However, in this case I can honestly say that the title of this procast episode is not done to be sensational in any way. No—it’s spot on. Exactly how we feel about variable […]


099 Cash Value Life Insurance Requires Policy Management

There are certain aspects of owning a cash value life insurance policy that are pretty similar to the alternatives. Like all savings plans, there is a degree of management that must take place. Part of the responsibility falls upon you, the policy owner and a part of the responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of […]


098 You Cannot Fear Failure

Preface: this post and podcast episode is focused mainly toward our fellow agents, however, there are some nuggets in here for everyone. Have you ever been one of those people that spends an agonizingly long amount of time thinking things over, looking for ways to talk yourself out of taking action? Whether it is was an […]


097 Life Insurance Marketing: Does That Even Exist?

Why don’t life insurance companies do a better job of marketing the many benefits of using their cash value life insurance policies?  They talk a lot about death benefit, not so much about anything else. The truth is that most advertising and/or marketing that’s done by large life insurers is more focused on brand recognition […]


096 Should We Stop Spreadsheet Comparisons of Cash Value Life Insurance?

Lately we’ve been asking ourselves if given all the difference in policy features from company to company and policy to policy is it fair to spreadsheet to cash value life insurance? And what is spreadsheeting anyway? We should probably explain what we mean by that. It’s the process by which we take all the data […]


095 Why Smart Agents Do Dumb Things

Why do otherwise intelligent financial advisors and agents do dumb things?  Not sure if we really know the answer to that one but we’re taking a stab at it today. Contrary to what many in the media will say, we don’t really believe that most of the bad things that are done by advisors are […]


094 Not All Life Insurance is Created Equal

Today we are going to get into a bit more detail as to why the proper design of a cash value life insurance policy is so crucial.  And we are going to give you some examples that there are numerous ways to design life insurance. If everyone would just listen to us, they’d have more […]


093 Sometimes It Doesn’t Get Better

There are many times in our experience in the life insurance and financial services industry where people do all or a majority of their planning with this idea that things will be different 10 years from now. More to the point–my financial picture will look much different than it does today. In other words, that […]


Check These Earnings Out

Well, better late than never I guess.  Sunday is the new Thursday anyway…right? It would seem  that once again it pays quite well to be in the life insurance industry.  Earnings for the industry have been steadily climbing upward for the last two years.


Why the One Stop Shop Advisor is a Bad Idea

Today’s Financial Pro Cast discusses the logistics of a one stop all knowing advisor who can handle all aspects of your financial lives. Additional Post will go live tomorrow.


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