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Cash Value Life Insurance: There is a Right Way and a Wrong Way to do it

Cash value life insurance is not really like a shirt sitting on the rack at Macy’s, but instead a stock piece of clothing at your favorite clothier. Sounds a tad strange, but here’s my point. Life insurance is a very customizable product. I can tweak a lot of aspects to life insurance (any kind really) […]


Have We Been Low-Balling Indexed Universal Life Insurance?

We’ve long held indexed universal life insurance assumed credited interest rates at 6% across the board. And we’ve long been criticized for the practice. The problem, that others came to us with, was the fact that carriers have different cap rates, and those different cap rates do cause the overall overage credited interest rate to […]


Yes You Should Buy Term and Invest the Difference

Buy term and invest the difference has long been the mantra of investment salesman(women) and Primerica built an entire company around the idea. The premise behind the concept has always been that one could achieve a greater return with “investments”  vs. traditional whole life insurance and it’s cash surrender value build up. For the investment […]


Life Insurance is Not The Answer to Everything

I’m quite sure there’s a collective gasp from our audience when they hear us say that life insurance is not the answer to everything. Yep, we said it and we’re gonna stand by it today. Life insurance is a fantastic tool and one that we both think is super swell for a myriad of reasons.


Should You Support Your Local Insurance Agent?

The life insurance industry has been very slow to embrace modernity and adopt systems that allow it to move more nimbly through the information age. As an industry it has blamed it’s lack of keeping up with the times as a security/compliance concerned coupled with an economic disincentive to spend a large amount of money […]


Your Banker Has a New Service

The banking industry excitedly moved into financial services in the early/mid 90’s when Congress pulled down the Glass-Steagall Act and removed the barrier that had kept the banking industry out of insurance and investments for decades. Now it seems an industry that loves to binge on transactions is scaling back and looking to expand into […]


Why Cash Value Life Insurance is So Awesome

We like life insurance and more specifically we like cash value life insurance. Doesn’t really matter which type of cash value life insurance it is, whole life insurance universal life insurance truth is both accomplish some magnificently great things. But neither Brantley nor I started our careers with the appreciation we now have for life […]


The Securities and Exchange Commission is Above the Law

Following up on a theme we’ve discussed before about certain people having access to trading options that you—the retail investor—do not, we figured we’d talk today about the Securities and Exchange Commission and its approved practice of insider trading among its employees. You see, at the SEC, insider trading is not only allowed; it’s required.


Why It Sucks to be a Financial Advisor

Being a financial advisor or insurance agent isn’t all champagne wishes and caviar dreams. In fact, it’s a lot of misery for a long time and then maybe, just maybe, a ray of sunshine breaks through a seemingly endless dark cloud that rains prosperity down on a persistent individual. That all sounds rather dark I […]


401k’s Aren’t the only Retirement Plan that can Leave you High and Dry

We’ve definitely not shown a lot of love and admiration for the old 401k Plan around here. While  there may be circumstances where contributions to a 401k make sense (though relatively few circumstances) we would be remiss not to point out that 401k’s and their sister products (e.g. 403b’s, 457’s, etc.) aren’t the only wholesale […]


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