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Why do we See more Income from Universal Life Insurance than Whole Life Insurance?

We make a lot of comparisons at The Insurance Pro Blog and whenever and even more behind the scenes at The Salus Agency. And one of the biggest questions that consistently comes up from some of those comparisons has to do with the gap between income projections for universal life insurance and whole life insurance. So […]


074 Pick Us…We’re More Better

Here’s what we covered in today’s episode: Why has the CFP Board decided to shorten its certification exam? Crowdunding for startups…is it a good idea? FINRA wants to stop clean records as condition of settlements Paying Fines is just the cost of doing business for financial services companies


073 Annuities Don’t Hurt People, Bad People with Annuities Hurt People

Today we’ve all sorts of goodness to bring your way on the Financial Procast.  I’ll be honest, sometimes it’s a real struggle to find three or four things from current financial industry news that are worth talking about. Sure, for the last six months or so, there is a veritable plethora of PPACA (Obamacare) news […]


The Dow Jones Industrial Average: 8% per Year?

While there is no doubting the last couple of years have been really great years for the stock market (if you think of it in terms of the growth over the year, rather than growth from many years past), but we’d like to take a moment and think of things a tad longer term. But […]


072 E-Har-Money

In today’s episode: Research from Citi Private Bank Says Liquidity is Hurting You Yep, that’s right.  The folks over at Citi Private Bank are telling us that they believe our fear of having money tied up for long periods of time or the willingness to have limited access to our money is hurting our returns. […]


Ted Benna: The 401(K) Giveth and Taketh away

By all accounts Ted Benna should be heralded as an American hero. But I’m willing to bet most of you have never heard the name. Ted is credited as being the guy who created a financial tool that reformed personal finance throughout the last three decades and made more Americans members of the stock investing […]


071 Bitcoin Now Gladly Accepted Here?

Today we’re getting back our roots so to speak and delving into some of the more interesting financial news stories that we’ve uncovered from the last few weeks. After a run of episodes where we essentially tackled one topic/issue at a time, we decided to revisit our original format this week.  Hope you enjoy!


Two Whole Life Policies and Two Different Modified Endowment Contract Limits?

We recently received a really good question regarding whole life insurance and modified endowment contracts that seems like it should have already been the subject of an Insurance Pro Blog article, but alas we skipped over this excellent opportunity to discuss a minor—although interesting and potentially important—quirk to modified endowment contract calculations. The question was pretty […]


Breaking News: Industry Legand O. Alfred Granum Passes Away at 91

Industry legend O. Alfred Granum (Al Granum) has passed away at 91.


Wow, Thank You!

2013 is now over and we’ve spent some time looking at the results we’ve had on a multitude of different areas at The Insurance Pro Blog and we’re quite honestly humbled by the reception, the praise, and the encouragement. We’d like to take a moment to highlight some items.


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