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Why the Blended Whole Life Idea is Conceptually Perfect, but sometimes Practically Flawed

Blended whole life insurance has long been a mainstay subject at the Insurance Pro Blog. Dare I go so far as to say it’s the subject that acted as the catalyst for the site’s existence (that might be a tad sensationalist, but also not incredibly far off from the truth). We’ve explained numerous times how […]


Oops, Someone Made a Boo-Boo

For those who attempted to access the Insurance Pro Blog during the last few days, you may have noticed that the site was unfortunately not available. The first known downtime for the Insurance Pro Blog in our entire 2.5 year history, notwithstanding the redirect from hell that came about a month or so ago when […]


Can we Please Stop Pretending that Market Corrections are Unusual and Rare?

Stock Market Corrections are a fact of life in a our economy. There are several theories that seek to explain this phenomenon, and I personally like to think it’s a result of our warped implementation of market economics, but what do I know? Lately certain members of the press have been buzzing a bit about […]


069 We Really Don’t Hate Attorneys…Do We?

Today is our end of year listener Q&A extravaganza! Yes, while the rest of the financial media is taking a break during the ever-extending Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year’s holiday season, we know that our audience may like to take a break from all the festivities to listen to the Financial Procast. Actually, we’re not that delusional, but […]


Cash Value Life Insurance General Design: The Reserve

Whole life insurance and universal life insurance are both known as permanent life insurance products. For most people that understanding is good enough, but by design there is something that must be done to make the policy permanent, and the design feature that makes these products permanent is the policy reserve.


068 What is a Surrender Charge?

This week, we’re spilling the beans on something I’m sure you’ve all been dying to hear about…surrender charges.  What are they?  Why do some life insurance policies and annuity contracts seem to have such long and harsh surrender charges? What do we think of surrender charges…good or bad? And much more on today’s financial procast. […]


Applying for Life Insurance with a Ventricular Septal Defect

Ventricular Septal Defects or VSD’s are holes in the interventricular septum (the wall that separates heart chambers) of the left and right ventricles. To be clear, generally it’s one hole in the septum (not several, though not unheard of). When it comes to life insurance applications for proposed insured’s with a ventricular septal defect, the […]


067 How Life Insurance Fairs in the Booming Market Part 2–Indexed Universal Life Insurance

This week we’re back with part 2 in our two part series on how life insurance will fair in a booming stock market?   Hope you’re buckled in for this one, I’m sure some feathers will be ruffled but that wouldn’t be all that unusual…would it? We think it’s fair to assume that we can basically […]


If the Market Rally Continues is Indexed Universal Life Insurance Dead in the Water?

Following up on last week’s article regarding whole life insurance and improved market conditions, we’re bringing the same question up about indexed universal life insurance this week. Since we already covered some of the more intangible issues with this consideration last week, we’ll skip most of that this week (except for one nuance regarding indexed universal […]


Back to Basics: What is the 1035 Exchange?

We’ve decided there are a number of more elementary topics that we’ve not discussed here and in the interest of making the Insurance Pro Blog as great a resource as possible on the topic of insurance, we’re going to turn Friday’s into a day where we talk about more basic topics in the insurance and […]


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