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065 How Much Life Insurance Should You Buy?

Continuing on with our theme of the the past few weeks, we’re going to cover another of those topics that would have probably been really useful for our community about 60 some odd episodes ago.  Oops…sometimes we get all excited in talking about things that we generally regard as more interesting and in doing so […]


Indexed Universal Life Insurance Company Asset Yield Comparison

Oops!! Not sure what happened with our other post today…but hopefully it works this time.  Thanks for your patience. As a form of cash value life insurance that can be manipulated for asset building purposes indexed universal life insurance has many coveted features. But just like we noted in the whole life insurance company asset yield comparison it’s wise […]


Breaking News: Guardian Life Announces 2014 Dividend Rate

The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America has announced its plan to pay $776 million in dividends to its participating life insurance policyholders. The $776 million dollar payout is a decline from last year’s $805 million total payout. But what does this mean for the dividend interest rate?


Breaking News: Penn Mutual Announces 2014 Dividend Rate

The Pennsylvania Mutual Life Insurance Company announced today its plans to pay $33.2 million in dividends to its participating policy holders in 2014. This payout represents a 7% increase in the total amount of dividends paid to Penn Mutual policy holders. And what about the dividend interest rate?


Principal National Life Joins the Indexed Universal Life Market

Principal National Life has released its product for the indexed universal life market. Indexed Universal Life FlexSM is the name of the product and it carries some interesting features including an S&P 500 Total Return indexing fund (i.e. taking dividend reinvestments into account, this is a first for the indexing world). We’ve only taken a […]


Breaking News: New York Life Announces 2014 Dividend Rate

New York Life has announced its plans to pay $1.43 billion in dividends to its participating policy holders. This dividend payout is an increase of $109 million over last year. In a very quiet announcement, the company reported on a number of positive sales results of various products–including 10% sales growth of its whole life […]


064 If You’re 20 You Need to Save Money, If You’re 40 You Need to Save a Lot O’Money

We are exhuming the body of the Retirement Income horse.  Yeah, we figured we haven’t quite beaten this horse enough, so we’re gonna dig him up and beat on him some more. This is all metaphor of course, we don’t have any real hatred of horses or any other animals for that matter. Recently, in […]


Breaking News: MetLife Announces 2014 Dividend Rates

The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company has announced its intentions to pay $1.25 billion in dividends to participating policyholders. Policyholders include both MetLife, New England Financial, and General American policyholders. What does this total payout mean for the dividend rates?


Life Insurance Company Ratings: What Really Matters

We’ve discussed life insurance company ratings a couple of times from an informational point of view. Today I want to discuss the topic from a practical point a view (i.e. what’s the overall benefit to the end user?). Some companies would have you believe that their top tier rating means only they have the ability […]


Breaking News: National Life Group Announces 2014 Dividend

National Life Group of Vermont announced its plans to pay $83 million in dividends to its participating policy holders. In the announcement National Life Group’s President and CEO, Mehran Assadi remarked at NLG’s history going back to its very first dividend payout of $11,260 back in 1855. So where does this leave the dividend interest […]


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