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061 Life Insurance Commission Expose’

(Complete Show Notes Below) In the 61st episode of the Financial Procast: We’re pulling back the curtain on life insurance commissions. Yep, you read that right…we’re actually going to talk about how much commission is paid on life insurance policies. Wait a minute! If people actually know how much commission you’re making, they won’t buy […]


10 Pay Whole Life Round Up: Who is the Best?

10 pay whole life insurance is a straight forward product. An insured/policy holder makes 10 payments to the contract and after that the policy is guaranteed paid up forever and always. Not surprisingly a given level of death benefit for a 10 pay whole life product will have a considerably higher required premium than a […]


060 Whole Life Insurance Vs. Universal Life Insurance

(Complete Show Notes Below) In the 60th episode of the Financial Procast: So today we’re going to get into something we should’ve gotten into a long, long time ago.  Admittedly it’s a tad embarrassing that we’ve not compared whole life insurance and universal life insurance side by side either on The Insurance Pro Blog or […]


The Truth About Universal Life Insurance

Following up on our post from last week about whole life insurance we figured we’d give equal time to another product that is probably more mis-represented than any other life insurance product available, universal life insurance.


Whole Life Insurance Myths Busted

Whole life insurance has a pretty wild reputation around the interwebs. There are those who would have you believe it’s the devil seeking to ruin your financial affairs, and others—like us—who believe it’s a pretty cool place to store and accumulate cash—and we’ve encountered plenty of people who agree with us on that front. Despite […]


059 FOMO No No

(Complete Show Notes Below) In the 59th episode of the Financial Procast: Do You Have Financial FOMO? Unfortunately it seems that financial “advisors” have spent too many years trying to gain credibility with their clients by pitching them on creative ways to defer, delay or dodge taxes.  Now, we realize that this notion has some […]


Is Your Agent a Practitioner or a Rockstar?

Most insurance agents and investment salespeople are taught that the secret to success But despite the flaunting, which admittedly reels some people in, I’ve discovered that most people still appreciate a guy (or gal) who cares more about how well he can implement a plan than what shoes he wears.


Can you “Bank” on Universal Life Insurance?

Bank on Yourself® and the Infinite Banking Concept® are well known selling systems that promote whole life insurance, but can we apply the secret sauce of these ideas to universal life insurance as well as whole life insurance? The purests (i.e. those with a vested interest in promoting whole life insurance) would tell you know. […]


Top Reasons for Owning Cash Value Life Insurance: #1 Liquidity

Today we’re going to discuss what I have always felt was the best reason to have money in cash value life insurance and use it as part of your financial strategy. This may seem counter-intuitive. It may even seem incorrect. But I assure you that when implemented properly this is most assuredly the best feature […]


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