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Why Your Rate of Return is always Different

Most of us have seen the marketing brochures distributed by mutual fund companies and investment products salespeople as an inducement to place our money in a fund. At the very least, we’ve encountered historical returns posted within a 401k plan that some people use to help select where they place their money. But have you […]


Top Reasons for Owning Cash Value Life Insurance: #2 Leverage

Finance is a funny topic. For some it means little more than buying some low cost index funds and not accumulating massive amounts of debt. For others it’s mostly about contributing to a 401k or traditional IRA so they can raise a middle finger to the IRS (but the IRS may get the last laugh). […]


056 Cash is King

(Complete Show Notes Below) In the 56th episode of the Financial Procast: Today we are diving into a financial planning strategic philosophy.  This really serves as an overarching theme in everything that we do at The Insurance Pro Blog.  It probably comes as no great surprise to our community that we really feel traditional financial […]


Fixing the Internet: Why Whole Life Insurance is NOT a Bad Investment

The “is whole life insurance a bad investment?” discussion is a great example of the classic advice we were given when the internet was a fairly new phenomenon and we had only just begun to use it as a resource for information. As we were out searching the world wide web with Metacrawler we were […]


Top Reasons for Owning Cash Value Life Insurance: #3 Market Neutral

Market neutrality à la diversification is a subject that often baffles the average financial or investment consultant. My sneaking suspicion has been that this is a result of training focused specifically on fixing a problem with a finite basket of tools at your typical investment salesman’s disposal coupled with most people’s tendency to consider good […]


055 Strippers and Insurance Agents Aren’t All That Different

(Complete Show Notes Below) In the 55th episode of the Financial Procast:  ESOPs Gone Wild The DOL has filed a lawsuit against the California Pacific Bank.  It seems that after the bank unwound their ESOP, they violated ERISA law by shortchanging the employees who were the plan participants. First, we thought it appropriate to offer […]


Life Insurance Awareness Month: What Happens When Someone Dies

It’s September, which means it’s also Life Insurance Awareness Month aka LIAM. When asked what we planned to do for LIAM we just sort of laugh. We talk about life insurance on a daily basis, so we’re not likely going to make any changes to our plans for one month as we spend all year advancing […]


Top Reasons for Owning Cash Value Life Insurance: #4 Taxes

Cash value life insurance and taxes is a conversation that usually goes hand in hand. You see, life insurance and taxes are old friends—kind of like how Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr were old buds. So life insurance has often been touted as a no brainer idea for those who dislike the April 15th. Some […]


054 Certified Stupid

(Complete Show Notes Below) In the 54th episode of the Financial Procast:  The Survey Says… People actually care about what professional designations are held by their financial advisers…or at least a recent survey would have us believe they care.  According to the research firm ORC international, an overwhelming majority of those people survey indicated that […]


Is Whole Life Insurance like a Roth IRA?

I want to start today’s discussion about whole life insurance and Roth IRA’s by noting that I had mixed feelings about writing this post. This one was motivated by requests to retort a blog post that showed up on a certain ER Doc turned part-time financial guru’s web site when he posted several reasons why […]


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