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049 It’s Good to Be Rich

(Complete Show Notes Below) In the 49th episode of the Financial Procast: The Rich Are Saving By the Truckload According to a recent study, those who earn more than $750,000 are saving an average of 37% of their income.  That’s almost 3x what they were saving just five years ago.  It’s good to be wealthy…right? […]


Are Disability Insurance Policies a Scam?

Your average everyday financial guru doesn’t tend to agree with insurance agents all that often, but one area in which they both tend to be pretty in-sync is the subject of disability insurance. I’ve always found this sort of amusing. Disability insurance is arguably the most important financial product one can own prior to retirement […]


What We Really Need You to Know About Whole Life Insurance

Normally we wouldn’t spend two entire posts just dealing with one short “news” story but this story written by US News and World Report and published at MSN is so egregious we decided it deserved more time on the Insurance Pro Blog.  Just a few days back, Brandon mentioned it because of a comment to […]


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