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Top Reasons to Own Cash Value Life Insurance: Reason #6 No Probate

Throughout the next six weeks we’ll be rolling out our top reasons for owning cash value life insurance. We’ll be releasing these posts during our Friday post. Today we start with reason number six on our list, the probate skipping process that life insurance uses when the death benefit is paid.


052 Retirement Income Taxes…Are You Really Ready to Write the Check?

(Complete Show Notes Below) In the 52nd episode of the Financial Procast: Here we go again, slaughtering sacred cows.  Of course, if you followed us for any length of time none of this will come as any great surprise to you. You don’t have look far and wide to find financial talking heads extolling the […]


Life Insurance Cash Values, You Can’t take it with you

There’s no doubt a number of people have made arguments against the ownership of cash value life insurance. You don’t have to spend a lot much time surfing ye olde’ interwebs to find such evidence. Too many of these arguments are propped up on misinterpretations of the various products that exist–heck even the agents themselves […]


What we Learned this Week August 23rd 2013

The end of August is approaching and for those of us who life in the Northern United States we know this means that all too quickly Summer is drawing to a close. This week we picked up on a number of interesting new pieces of information.


051 Why You Shouldn’t Buy…Annuities?

(Complete Show Notes Below) In the 51st episode of the Financial Procast: Infinite Banking Gets Slammed In a recent article over at ProducersWeb, Roccy DeFrancesco owner of the Wealth Preservation Institute took on the patriarch of all thinks related to infinite banking concept, becoming your banker, bank on yourself et. al. It seems that Roccy […]


Comparing Permanent Life Insurance Policies: The Linton Yield Method

There are numerous ways to compare cash value life insurance policies. Some of them are pretty well recognized though of relatively little use like the Net Cost Surrender Index. Others are known within the circles of more advanced practitioners but sparsely discussed because of their complexity both from a conceptual and applicable point of view. […]


Whole Life Insurance Lapse Rates

If you spend anytime around a traditional life insurance agent/broker discussing which type of life insurance you should own, then you’ve undoubtedly been told to opt for whole (or universal) life over term life insurance. And one of the most commonly used statistics to build the case for owning permanent life insurance over term life […]


050 The Retirement Income Conundrum

(Complete Show Notes Below) In the 50th episode of the Financial Procast: Why is Income in Retirement so Different? In today’s broadcast of the Financial Procast, we head off into some deep water with a lengthy discussion surrounding retirement income.  What is it about retirement that makes everyone think their life is going to magically […]


But they make you Borrow and Pay Interest on YOUR Money!

One of the long-standing criticisms regarding whole life insurance is that fact that distributions are often made through policy loans, which bear interest. The common discussion goes something like, “and you can’t even have your money; instead the insurance company makes you borrow it so they can charge you interest on your money.” I’ve always […]


Cash Value Life Insurance Provides Flexible Funding Limits

So here we are talking once again about the wonders of cash value life insurance.  I know, I know…most of you are rolling your eyes in sarcastic disbelief that we could possibly have anything more to say about the subject. After all, we’ve written nearly 300 posts at the insurance pro blog and more than […]


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