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Exotic Investment Schemes are NOT Always Better

Have you ever met someone who has had the next great investment idea?  It may be a really good friend, perhaps someone that you see on the cocktail party circuit or in many cases it’s your friendly investment advisor, insurance agent, stock broker, financial planner et. al. I’m not talking about the guy who always […]


043 How to Buy a Car

(Complete Show Notes Below) In the 43rd episode of the Financial Procast: The Financial Procast talks Cars We thought we’d take a detour today from the world of life insurance, investments and retirement planning to talk about the wonderful world of cars!  Yep, you read that right…we’re talking cars today.


Paid up Additions Load Round Up

We love paid up additions. That has never been much of a mystery around the Insurance Pro Blog. And we get a lot of questions about paid-up additions. The one questions that by far sticks out the most involves the variation in loads among various carriers. So in the interest of making this somewhat more […]


CNBC Thinks Life Insurance Works for Retirement Income?

Yeah you read that right.  In a recent story over at CNBC, How to Invest for a (Mostly) Tax-Free Retirement life insurance is actually given a little a tip of the hat! Clearly, the world is coming to an end.  The mainstream financial media usually takes great pleasure in beating up on whole life insurance and […]


042 #DaveRamsey

(Complete Show Notes Below) In the 42nd episode of the Financial Procast: Dave Ramsey Gets In a Twitter Fight Yes, you right that right!  It seems that about two weeks ago, some of the Financial Planning community Illumnati called into question some of Dave Ramsey’s “rule of thumb” advice.  In response, Dave didn’t take to […]


Why Life Insurance Works so well for Retirement Income

Life Insurance used to generate retirement income is a slightly more advanced subject within the world of life insurance and financial planning. The stock jockeys hate it, and the life insurance agents love it. No surprise there. But is there something that life insurance brings to the table that is truly special? Or are you […]


Whole Life Insurance Income Distributions 2013 Edition

As we’ve mentioned before, most life insurance agents like to spar about the numbers in a way that seeks to make the particular whole life insurance policy they’re pitching seem like the clear winner.  But of course the truth of the matter is that how a product currently performs or is illustrated given a present […]


041 529 College Savings Plans

(Complete Show Notes Below) In the 41st episode of the Financial Procast: Are 529 College Savings Plans a Good Idea? Generally speaking we’re not in love with the 529 savings plans.  They seem like a great idea in theory but in practice they’re a bit less than appealing.  Most people who’ve bought into the idea, […]


Top Whole Life Insurance Companies for Building Cash Value

It’s no big secret that we think whole life insurance is pretty awesome. Hopefully, most of you realized we were just being cheeky on our podcast last week when we declared that it sucked (though we don’t think it’s the answer to all the world’s problems). We often receive questions regarding which company has the […]


040 Why Whole Life Insurance Sucks

(Complete Show Notes Below) In the 40th episode of the Financial Procast: Yes there are times that Whole Life Insurance is NOT the answer I know many of our regular listeners may be shocked to hear us make that statement.  But it’s the truth. There are times that whole life insurance and all other types […]


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