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036 There’s a Mutual Fund for That

(Complete Show Notes Below) In the 36th episode of the Financial Procast: We Answer Questions from Our Listeners Instead of the normal podcast where we’d discuss a myriad of topics from the financial world, we’ve decided to break the mold a bit and devote an entire episode to answering questions we’ve received from our listeners/readers. […]


Death During the Life Insurance Contestability Period, now what?

Life insurance brings a lot of mind comforting notions with it. It helps many people sleep soundly at night knowing that they need not worry about what happens to their family or loved ones if they should meet an untimely demise. But what happens if you recently put your coverage in place and you don’t […]


Are Mutual Life Insurance Companies Better than Public Life Insurance Companies?

Maybe you’ve heard this one before, the claim that mutual life insurance companies are better than public life insurers. Of course, the mutual life insurers all think so. But we’re willing to bet that the so-called public life insurers would tell you differently. So is it true that the non-mutual life insurers are just out […]


035 If You Turn to Page 15,099

(Complete Show Notes Below) In the 35th episode of the Financial Procast: We Discuss the PBS Frontline Special “The Retirement Gamble” If  you haven’t seen this short special/documentary, here’s a short preview and a link below the preview that will take you directly to the Frontline page on the PBS website where you can watch […]


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