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Participating Whole Life Insurance Income Comparison

Participating whole life insurance is a form of cash value life insurance that is often used with a focus on its cash accumulation capabilities and retirement income generating prospects. In fact, we’d argue quite forcefully that if one wishes to use whole life insurance as an asset, participating is a key attribute to any chosen […]


No Exam Life Insurance

Could a no exam life insurance policy be right for you?  As an agent, when you first hear of someone looking for this type of policy, your first inclination is to let them know that it’s not a great deal for them. Why is that you ask? Well, for starters you’ll typically pay a bit […]


034 It’s Good to be a Judge

(Complete Show Notes Below) In the 34th episode of the Financial Procast: Private Equity Found a Shiny New Investment Strategy Yes it appears that some players in private equity have taken quite a shine to life insurers.  In the last few years Goldman Sachs, Harbinger and the Apollo Group have purchased U.S. based life insurance […]


Be careful how you save—Your IRA and 401k may be a trap

Since I’m never really one to go with the flow, today I’ll hold true and bludgeon the sacred cow of all financial advice gurus—the IRA and the 401k. It’s not that I’m trying to be controversial or contrary to spite Dave and Suze. That’s just an added bonus. I am concerned about the conventional wisdom […]


033 WARNING: You Are Now Leaving the FDIC Zone

(Complete Show Notes Below) In the 33rd episode of the Financial Procast: Could IRA Caps Be a Boom for the Life Insurance Industry? According to recent reports there is a policy initiative being floated by the Obama administration to limit the amount of money anyone can defer from taxes within their IRA.  Yeah, that’s right…POTUS […]


The Rule of 72

I know what most of you are probably thinking: the rule of 72? Have the Insurance Pro Blog guys run out of ideas for post topics? Or busy week? Maybe they didn’t have time to come up with something more creative than a boring post about a finance topic known the world over. For those […]


Trading the USP for the WYSA

As we do here at the insurance pro blog from time-to-time, I’m taking a slight diversion from all things related to life insurance and personal finance to talk about something else that I think needs to be discussed. If that doesn’t interest you…I understand. Not to worry, we’re not abandoning the core of what this […]


032 A Bit More Communesque?

(Complete Show Notes Below) In the 32nd episode of the Financial Procast: Stockton, California Shifts the Paradigm for Muni Bond Safety You may have heard that Stockton, California has filed for bankruptcy protection in the last couple of weeks. What you probably haven’t heard much about is the battle that’s taking place in regard to […]


The Deficit Reduction Act of 1984 (DEFRA) and 7702 Testing

No single piece of US Federal legislation has rejiggered the playing field for the life insurance industry more than the Deficit Reduction Act of 1984 or DEFRA as it is more commonly referred. It is because of DEFRA that some have decided that it’s okay to refer to selling life insurance as setting up a […]


The Family Limited Partnership

Today I thought we’d discuss a rather mundane topic, the Family Limited Partnership but one that carries great significance nonetheless.  I’m like everyone else I suppose in that I tend to lean away from some of the more heady topics that dig really deep into the nitty gritty of insurance/financial planning topics.  Why? Well mainly […]


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