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The Defense of Marriage Act: A Financial Planning Application

You may have noticed that Facebook is aflutter this week with red boxes containing two pink horizontal parallel bars (an equal sign) and wondered “why now is the gay marriage debate picking up steam?” The reason is chiefly due to a lawsuit filed by Edith Windsor, which has made its way to the United States’ […]


Your Hometown Agent: Does Proximity Matter?

As most of the regular visitors know,  the Salus Agency is our primary business and we’ve done quite well assisting people all over the United States as they navigate their life insurance purchases and any number of personal financial issues.  We’ve used the internet to reach people in a way not possible a few decades […]


030 Do You Sell Insurance or Encyclopedias?

(Complete Show Notes Below) In the 30th episode of the Financial Procast: Prudential Says Bankers Should Be Jealous In a stunning statement to a group of bankers in Boston, Mark Grier, vice chairman at Prudential said, “We’re getting more than 2 percentage points of fees from the assets that are part of our annuity business. […]


Indexed Universal Life Insurance Income Comparison

Indexed Universal Life Insurance is well-known for its ability to generate a retirement income stream, but how can you tell a good product from a bad one? Most attempts to compare company products fail to find a solid basis for comparison or are foiled by marketing gimmicks.


The Cash Value Life Insurance Question-Reddit Style

I know this probably seems like a topic I discuss repeatedly, however, we still receive emails almost daily from people who are being shown cash value life insurance policy illustrations (both whole life and indexed universal life insurance) that grossly misrepresent the most efficient use of cash value life insurance as an asset class. The […]


029 Why Did Dylan Live Alone



Thoughts on Term Life Insurance?

A couple of times a month we get a question about term life insurance that I’ve always found amusing: will you guys write term insurance? I admittedly chuckle a little bit every time we get this question. I do have to admit, however, that I’ve not spent an incredible amount of time highlighting this product. […]


Why is Dave Ramsey Hating on Northwestern Mutual?

Today, I’d like to respond to a clip from Dave Ramsey’s television show on Fox Business where he talks about life insurance as being “terrible” and how buying term and investing the difference is a better strategy than using any type of cash value life insurance. Just to clarify before I begin, I agree with […]


028 Who’s Your Sugar Daddy?

(Complete Show Notes Below)   In the 28th episode of the Financial Procast: Looks like Ally Bank needs an ally The Fed performed its most recent round of “stress tests” for the largest banks in America.  You know, the ones that are supposedly “too big to fail”.  Anyway, it seems that 17 of the 18 […]


What is Reinsurance?

Reinsurance is a topic few consumers–and not that many more agents–come across. It does however play a serious role in the underwriting process, and that role has a lot more to do with every day operations than most people realize. Most agents understand reinsurance as a means for a company to insure against the possibility […]

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