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026 Now We All Know What Age Nearest Means

(Complete Show Notes Below)   In this 26th episode of the Financial Procast: Estate Planning-It’s Not Just for Rich People When’s the last time you reviewed your beneficiary designations on your life insurance policy(s), retirement accounts (IRA’s, 401k’s, etc.) and your will/trust/medical directives?  If you’re anything like most of us, you’ve probably not re-visited your […]


Infinite Banking Lies About Whole Life and Universal Life Insurance

For years, proponents of infinite banking have highlighted a certain benefit behind cash value life insurance. The specific benefit has been more closely associated with whole life insurance, and those directly connected with “The Infinite Banking Concept®” have towed a hard line for whole life insurance over universal life insurance. Last summer, a newsletter released […]


Suze Orman on Prospecting: If you have to, you must not be very good at your job

Normally we leave Suze Orman alone, but now I’ve written a post about her two weeks in a row.  I promise next week not to talk about her at all. Actually, this piece has been in the works for a while.  Brandon started it a while back when a colleague steered him to yet another […]


025 An Equal Opportunity Delusion

(Complete Show Notes Below)   In this 25th episode of the Financial Procast: We’ve Got a Problem with the 401k I’m sure that all of our readers/listeners will get a huge shock from hearing/reading this statement.  In previous episodes, we’ve sort of tip-toed around our dislike of the 401k.  Today we just come out and […]


What is the Waiver of Premium Rider?

Most all life insurance contracts come with the ability to add a waiver of premium rider. This rider waives premiums due in the event the insured becomes unable to work due to sickness or injury. The application and usefulness of this rider varies among contracts, companies, and personal strategies, so today we’ll spend some time […]


Announcement: Financial Pro Cast Moves to Wednesday

Due to some logistical wrangling, and an attempt to smooth out our information distribution through the week, we’ve decided to move the release date for the Financial Pro Cast to Wednesdays starting with Episode 25. We will continue to make news information on the Financial Pro Case as timely as possible and as such our […]


Suze Orman Likes Life Insurance Policy Loans?

I don’t doubt for a minute that our readers aren’t familiar with the First Lady of Personal Finance, the diva of dinero, Suze Orman.  However, we’ve never publicly taken her to task for her views on cash value life insurance. That changes today.


024 Is That the Saaalus Agency?

(Complete Show Notes Below)     In this action packed episode of the Financial Procast: No Money Down, No Problem–no money down mortgages make a comeback! Remember all those really awesome mortgages you could get just a few short years ago? In case you’ve already forgotten the ingeniuous array of products that the mortgage indsustry […]


What is a Life Insurance Policy Loan?

A Life insurance policy loan is an often referenced aspect to cash value life insurance. Most agents will bring the topic up casually, and I’d suggest far too casually. Some may discuss only because of their lack of complete understanding, while others have become too comfortable with the topic and have resorted to throwing about […]


Northwestern Mutual Wants You to Play Nine Holes?

Why is that life insurance companies seem too ashamed to just tell people the truth?  Do they honestly think that launching a new marketing campaign filled with platitudes will accomplish anything? I’m completely frustrated with how our industry seems to assume that people are stupid.


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