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022 Sittin’ Out On the Rocking Porch

In this broadcast of the Financial Procast: Americans are prematurely breaking into their 401k’s to the tune of $70 billion in annual outflows Are your job prospects dashed after 50? Millionaires aren’t nearly as rosey about the market as their advisors The 7 most common lies Americans tell themselves about retirement.


Is Indexed Universal Life Insurance an Alternative to Stocks?

Indexed universal life insurance showed up in the early 90’s to a somewhat mixed reception. For years it was a relatively obscure product, made available by a minority of insurance companies. But then, the 00’s turned out to be a really boring decade and the buy-and-hold mantra was starting to show signs of ware. So, […]


Life Insurance Companies Hate Being Compared

It’s our practice to compare all the companies that may have a chance of providing the best solution for our clients.  Some people have a preferred bias toward using participating whole life insurance as their choice for cash value life insurance while others lean more toward using some type of universal life insurance. Quite honestly, […]


021 Unless You’ve Become More Patriotic Recently

In this broadcast of the Financial Procast: Jamie Dimon takes a 50% pay cut Are actuaries turning on income annuities? Calculating your assets under management is tough…apparently But nothing is tougher than understanding life insurance


Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance and AG 38, Some People get what they Deserve

Though we’ve talked about it in other venues, I just realized we’ve never spent time here on the Insurance Pro Blog discussing much about AG 38 and its impact on the industry. That ends today. Guaranteed universal life insurance has always been a somewhat boring topic to me from a daily professional life point of […]


The Smartest Guy in the Room: Being a Competent Life Insurance Agent

Warning: I should preface this post by warning our readers that this is mostly directed at our fellow life insurance agents.  However, if you’re at all interested in the industry and it’s inner-dysfunction, you’ll probably be interested enough to keep reading.  This post is not intended to be arrogant but it is direct and truthful. […]


020 Fake It ‘Til You Make It

In this Broadcast of the Financial Procast: Daily NAV’s for Your Money Market Funds Someone at AIG chooses prudence over greed What’s that new squiggly loop on the dollar bill? Northwestern Mutual plans to hire a bunch of new agents.  But does the world really need them?


Cash Value Life Insurance: Are You Getting Screwed?

For a blog that loves cash value life insurance, I’m about to pull inspiration from a source that might leave many of you scratching your head. About a week ago, Leo Laporte gave a great keynote speech at the New Media Expo (formerly Blog World) that spoke specifically about the advertising world. His speech was […]


Do we need more life insurance agents: Northwestern Mutual to Hire Over 5,000 This Year

A couple of days ago this headline appeared on my google alerts that are automatically shuffled to my inbox.  I thought sure this is a mistake. But no, it’s not…here’s a link to the story so you can read all about Quiet Company’s grand plan. The official word from Mother Mutual is that they had […]


019 Trillion Dollar Coins Y’all

In this Broadcast of the Financial Procast: U.S. savings accounts are paying less than a quarter of a percent A new book claims that Americans may have lost their financial minds Selling life insurance just got harder? Whose face should be on the trillion dollar coin?


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