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Are They Going to Start Taxing Life Insurance?

This one has been around for a while but is picking up steam recently, are they going to start taxing life insurance? Given the fiscal cliff and the we have an answer no wait no we don’t whip saw that has been taking place in Washington, it’s no surprise that every fear monger out there […]


018 And I Would’ve Graduated If Not For Those Pesky Parking Tickets!

In this Broadcast of the Financial Procast: 2012 has been a fascinating year to say the least–from equity funds hemorrhaging, to principle based reserves, to bonds being en vogue, all the way to dollar coins. Today we answer all your questions.


NEWS: Ohio National Life 2013 Dividend Interest Rate

Ohio National Life has announced its 2013 dividend interest rate. This was actually announced a few weeks ago, and announcing has been on the to-do list, but we were a tad side tracked. Ohio National will pay out $76 million in policy holder dividends for in 2013.


Killing Another Sacred Cow-Why buying a house is NOT an investment.

Today, I’m venturing a ways off the strictly insurance-related path to discuss a topic that is more closely tied to general personal finance. While it’s an important topic to address, the majority of financial bloggers/writers/authors tend to screw it up.


Why Doesn’t my Financial Advisor like Cash Value Life Insurance?

I’ll be very up front about the fact that I’m stereotyping badly with today’s post regarding financial advisors and cash value life insurance. I realize there’s a lot of liberal interpretation regarding what it means to be a “financial advisor.” But for today’s purposes, we’ll refer to financial advisors as those who primarily focus on […]


017 Happy Mayan New Year

In this Broadcast of the Financial Procast: Bank of America decides it needs to protect itself from an evil blog On the list of things Jim Cramer can’t do, we’ve got one more item Do clients cheat on their advisors? Does anyone really care? Americans’ New Years Resolutions, we can tell you what’s not on […]


Breaking News: Aviva Life USA sold to Athene Holdings

The long awaited deal is done and the sale of Aviva Life USA to Athene Holdings has officially been announced.


Mayan Calendar Prediction Hysteria Passed: Now Get Back to Work

So now that we’ve all survived the end of the world according to the Mayan Calendar, we can continue with our regularly scheduled program I suppose. For all those people that were planning on the end of the world to save them from any sort of prudent financial planning…sorry.  Guess you’ll have to really get […]


016 If We Don’t Have It, You Don’t Need to Sell It

In this Broadcast of the Financial Procast: Warren Buffet reminds CNBC: who’s your daddy? FINRA does something that actually makes sense Investors tell the world they aren’t all that happy with their advisor Has your advisor become oddly obsessed with mutual funds and lending products?  We might have an explanation for that


Whole Life Blending, Does Cash Value Life Insurance Design Really Matter?

Whole life blending, as we’ve discussed before, is a process for designing cash value life insurance to maximize cash value available to the policy holder/client and income potential. Still, there are those who like to suggest is doesn’t matter. Those who would spend time arguing against a policy that is designed to maximize paid-up additions […]


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