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011 Do the Herky Jerky?

In this Broadcast of the Financial Procast: The election is over…finally. What does that mean for your taxes? OccupyWall Street becomes Occupy Debt? 401k balances soar…kind of. We dive off the fiscal cliff along with everyone else.


Breaking News: Annuity Pull Backs Penn Mutual and Jackson National Life

This week we had two rather surprising announcements when Penn Mutual and Jackson National Life both announced limitations on new money to their annuity products due to annual capacity attainment. This news comes at a time when several major carriers have announced roll backs and limitations on new premium for their products.


Why We Still Beat the Cash Value Life Insurance Drum

In a world where almost every talking head and financial pundit (think Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey) is telling you that cash value life insurance and particularly whole life insurance are terrible, we stand atop the shining city on the hill and declare them wrong. As a matter of fact, it’s great up here, and […]


Shopping for Term? Heard of Savings Bank Life of Massachusetts (SBLI)?

Located in one of the beltway-ish suburbs of Boston, The Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts or SBLI as it’s more commonly known is a somewhat unique little insurance company with a reputation for two main accomplishments: 1.  Having one of the highest 20 year internal rates of returns on its participating whole life […]


010 Can You Help Me Do the Math?

In this Broadcast of the Financial Procast: The Chairman of the CFP Board resigns under the cloud of an ethics violation We love our cars and the payments that come along with them Hartford would like to buy back your annuity A listener asks us for some help with Math


Breaking News: Northwestern Mutual Announces 2013 Dividend

The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company of Milwaukee, WI has announced its 2013 dividend. Northwestern Mutual will pay $5 billion in policy holder dividends, the largest payout in the company’s history. To put a little perspective on that, Northwestern Mutual will pay its policy holders a sum larger than Lafayette Life (the highly promoted whole […]


Why this Industry Needs Fewer “Salespeople”

Piggybacking on the advice for finding a good insurance agent, I figured I’d take some soap box time this week to roll out a few additional thoughts on the industry. I’ve also thoughtfully provided pointers to assist consumers with avoiding certain pitfalls, meanwhile hopefully inspiring some agents out there to renounce the dark side and […]


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