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When does a Modified Endowment Contract make sense?

Lots of agents learn very early in their career that a Modified Endowment Contract is a bad thing. Perhaps it’s because they hold the first-in-first-out and tax free via loan distribution privileges in such high regard that losing those benefits seems to kill the whole thing. I’ll admit that these benefits are certainly coveted and […]


013 A Little Less Whining and A Little More Working!

In this Broadcast of the Financial Procast: It’s been a great year for the annuity industry Lloyd Blankfein, CEO at Goldman Sachs gives us all some retirement advice Stocks are cheap…is it time to buy? Americans are buying life insurance specifically for retirement planning?


How Much Money Do I Need to Retire? A Million Dollars Ain’t What It Used to Be.

We have a lot of conversations that start with the question, “How much money do I need to retire?” The answer is a lot more than you might think, especially if you’re used to scraping out an existence on a six-figure income.


Breaking News: New York Life 2013 Dividend

The New York Life Insurance Company has announced its 2013 dividend. New York Life will increase its dividend payout by $100 million, an 8% increase in total dividends paid over last year.


Breaking News: Penn Mutual Announces 2013 Dividend

Penn Mutual has announced its dividend for participating policies for 2013. Penn will pay out a total of $31 million in policy holder dividends, which represents a 2% increase over dividends paid out in 2012.


012 Why U No Pay More Dividends?

In this Broadcast of the Financial Procast: Participating Dividends and their legality Americans really do stink at retirement planning Stocks are still scary Whole life policy blending explained NOTE: towards the end of this episode Brandon makes a comment about the expected cash surrender value found in a “properly” blended policy.  This was a rule […]


Cash Value Life Insurance as an Asset Class – How it Works: Part 2 Universal Life Insurance

Last time I talked about designing cash value life insurance as an asset class using whole life insurance, today we’ll dive into how it works for universal life insurance. Universal life insurance is often used by agents as a lower premium permanent life insurance option as compared to whole life insurance, huge mistake. As a […]


Breaking News: Guardian Life Announces 2013 Dividend

The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America has announced its dividend for 2013 on all participating policy holders. Guardian will pay out a total of $803 million in dividends to its policy holders, the largest dividend payout in the Guardian’s history.


Use Cash Value Life Insurance to Create Retirement Income

Many of the people who reach out to us hope to use cash value life insurance to create retirement income. They’ve heard about this possibility, maybe read a book or two that talked about it, and, in some cases, even talked to a “certified” advisor. But, they’re still scratching their heads as to how it […]


Cash Value Life Insurance as an Asset Class – How it Works: Part 1 Whole Life Insurance

It occurred to me somewhat recently that all my praise for cash value life insurance has left some unanswered questions regarding execution.  This is purely a function of precious little time and the needs for a more diverse range of topics.  This week I’ll be rolling out a two part series on the subject (two so […]


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