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The Give Back Event: Cookies for Kid’s Cancer

We’re delighted to announce that the Insurance Pro Blog will host an annual event known as the Give Back Event. This event seeks to recognize success we all have throughout the year and to humble us with those who suffer incredible set backs and adversity.


Breaking News: Jackson National Life Pulls back on Variable Annuities

Jackson National Life joined the ranks of Prudential and Metlife this week when it delivered news that is would pull back on benefits from its variable annuity products. Jackson will continue to accept premiums for features that are going away, but they did employ the same tight time line Prudential rolled out a little more […]


Investment Grade Life Insurance?

Perhaps I should start a section on the Insurance Pro Blog called “Dumb Agent Tricks,” and it could be a new home for information on 7702 Private Plans and Investment Grade Life Insurance. I realize the life insurance business is a tough one. What with all the talking about death and dying I realize just […]


006 Which Bubble Would You Bubble?

On today’s broadcast: -Is Your Actively Managed Fund just an indexed fund in disguise? -Private Equity gets a boost in advertising? -Do Millionaires Read your Blog? -The Retirement Boondoggle–Who’s Really Messing it Up?


The Coming 401k Bond Blood Bath

For a while, Brandon and I have been discussing the coming 401k bond blood bath for people who are retiring and have been planning for years to shift their asset allocation to a much more conservative posture. Remember when the conventional wisdom was that during your retirement years you would shift the weighting of your […]


005 We Don’t Want No Stinkin’ 401k

In this broadcast, we discuss: – Americans tell us, “We Need Your Help” but are they willing to pay the price – The 401k plan is having a rough year – State of California tries to put the brakes on LTCi rate increases – LIAM (Life Insurance Awareness Month) is over–Was it a success?  


Second Dip? More Chartology; Just as Bleak as Last Time

We’ve heard a lot recently about the fiscal cliff and the second dip, so recently I decided to spend a weekend reviewing stock market charts. Some of you might remember this guy from last year. Consider this part two.


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