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Breaking News: Massmutual’s 2013 Dividend Announced

The Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company of Springfield, MA has announced its dividend payout for 2013.  Massmutual plans to pay a company record setting $1.39 billion in policy holder dividends.


Invest in Real Estate? Why not Modified Endowment Contracts?

Sometimes I just feel like being edgy, and throwing the words invest and Modified Endowment Contract about seems like a good way to be edgy. Of course this so called “edginess” is more a testament of my dork-dom–analogous to my saying, “I know my AGI is >$33,750 but screw form 6251.” If you got that […]


009 Why Are 7702 Plans So Private?

In This Special Edition of the Financial Procast: We explore 7702 Private Plans and why are they so “private” anyway? As you may have noticed from the two other posts we’ve had on this topic here and here, Brandon and I are a little passionate about 7702 plans.  And according to the statistical information regarding […]


What is Value Investing and How Does it Work?

First, I guess I should define value investing.  The best thing I can really do is to let you know from the beginning that I believe that being a value investor is much more of an investment style than it is an adherence to any one set of strict criteria. That being said, there are […]


008 I’m Not Feeling So Lucky

In this broadcast: -Pandit is out at Citi.  Did he quit or get fired? -Google made a booboo -A 90% market correction on its way? -Wal-Mart wants to sell you life insurance.


Gerber College Plan Review

The Gerber College Plan is issued by Gerber Life, a small life insurer based in NY that specializes in various small cash value life insurance plans targeted as savings plans the old school life insurance savings plan way. Gerber has a relatively aggressive marketing plan that uses TV and direct mail to bring its message […]


Long Term Care Insurance Cost–It’s Complicated

There’s little doubt you’ve read a great deal of swirling about in the media regarding Long Term Care Insurance (LTCi). And, you may be asking yourself—should I buy the coverage or not? As usual, my answer will be…that depends.


Special Announcement: Reliastar/ING Suspends Guaranteed Universal Life Products

Reliastar/ING has announced its plans to suspend all universal life products it issues that have secondary guarantees. In an announcement dated today October 17, 2012 ING cited difficult economic times and Actuarial Guideline 38 as a key reasons for its decision to suspend these products.


007 The Bondex?

In this broadcast: -Did Jackson National just pull a Prudential? -Is going to Harvard worth $2 million? -Are Bonds where it’s at? -The Emergency Fund Plan to end all others


Guardian Life Insurance Company of America 10 Pay Whole Life

In the world of promoting cash value life insurance as an asset class, few companies are championing the cause more concertedly than the Guardian Life Insurance Company of America.  America’s 4th largest mutual life insurer, and definite fan of permanent life insurance, has dedicated a bunch of company resources to spreading the word about how life […]


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