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Breaking News: Prudential Buys the Hartford’s Individual Life Insurance Business

Late breaking news this afternoon from Daily Finance reports that earlier today, Prudential has reached an agreement to purchase the individual life business of the Hartford.  Now, we’ve all known for months that Hartford has been searching for buyers of its various units.  Back in August, Woodbury Financial, the Hartford’s broker-dealer was purchased by AIG for […]


004 Free Toaster with your Deposit of $100,000 or more!

In this broadcast, we discuss: – Prudential says, “We don’t want your money!” – Ben Bernanke is killing the life insurance industry…maybe. – The biggest tax increase in American history is less than 100 days away – A market research firm tries to answer, “What do the mass affluent expect from their advisors?”


2013, The Estate Tax, and You

The Estate Tax is set for a nasty reset come the end of this year if Congress does not act to extend current legislation, or create new. We’ve steered clear of political discussions on the Insurance Pro Blog, and we still intend to do that. Today’s discussion will attempt to be as objective on the […]


Universal Life Insurance-From Pure Evil to Absolute Truth

First, I feel like I should explain what I mean when I sub-titled this post a “view evolved from evil to truth”.  It really goes back more than a decade when I was first “quietly” recruited and subsequently “trained” by one of the big Blue mutual insurers. Keep in mind in those early days of […]


BREAKING NEWS: Prudential Financial Halts Contributions to Popular Variable Annuity Contracts

In a world that has seen more and more hurried announcements of product closures, Prudential Financial made a quick announcement at the end of August that it was stopping future contributions to it’s Highest Daily Daily Lifetime 5, Six Plus, Seven, and Seven Plus contracts.


003 The Financial Planning Fight Club

In this broadcast, we discuss: – The American College and the FPA are brawling–why? – Indexed Annuity sales are through the roof despite the naysayers – What’s the point of the SEC anyway? – Northwestern Mutual discovers that Americans actually LIKE life insurance…surprise!


Modified Endowment Contract: Pro Blog Style

Modified Endowment Contract is frequently known as a condition where an insurance contract becomes “paid up” within 7 years. That’s an okay understanding of a basic principle (it served me well for about 6 months and insured I didn’t do anything really stupid when I was armed and dangerous as a new agent), but there’s […]


What Northwestern Mutual’s Latest Conspicuous Investment Adds to the Cash Value Life Insurance Discussion

Northwestern Mutual is a large mutual life insurer well known for it’s financial stability and smug career agency sales force. Another thing the “Quiet Company” is somewhat well known for within the industry is its not so quiet approach to brandishing about its latest investment moves. A few weeks ago we learned that Northwestern now […]


002 What’u Know ‘Bout Cash Value Life Insurance?

 In this broadcast we discuss: – Individual Life Insurance Sales are up so far 2012 – The NAIC approves Principle Based Reserves but nobody’s talking about it – A wayward advisor shows us his ignorance of cash value life insurance – Mass Mutual buys Hartford’s Retirement Plan Unit


Northwestern Mutual Poll reveals that Americans like life insurance

Now don’t get too excited, I didn’t say that Americans like life insurance “agents.” If you’ve ever been in the life insurance industry or are currently in the industry there’s no doubt you’ve taken jabs about being a life insurance agent. Some polling data I saw years ago placed life insurance agents among the least […]


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